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Upskilling or Training Your Current Staff Using Apprenticeships

The apprenticeship scheme isn’t just for new starters, it can be used to pay for training for your current staff too, with up to

100% funding from the government.

How Can My Business Use
Apprenticeships for Staff Training?

Apprenticeships are modern training programmes which deliver expert industry courses for your staff. The benefits of using them are often overlooked!

Get 95-100% Funding Towards Training

Give your team nationally recognised, full qualifications for minimal investment.

Mentorship & Training Delivered by Experts

Our tutors come from decades of industry experience and offer dedicated mentorship.

No Loss of Work Productivity

Apprenticeship training is applied directly to the learner’s job role, meaning it all leads to stronger output.

Anyone who is an employee on payroll can be trained using the apprenticeships programme, and will be eligible for funding.

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How Can I Train My Team With Apprenticeships?

It’s a really simple process – we do all the hard work! Get started today by getting in touch with us. 

Eligibility will cover most employees, but just be sure the staff you would like to enrol are:

  • Employed by the company and on payroll (even directors and owners can upskill with apprenticeships!)
  • Do not already have a very similar qualification in the course you wish to enrol them for.

Our tutors are second to none and will work closely with you to ensure the apprenticeship is tailored to your business’ needs. 

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How is Apprenticeship Staff Training Funded?

95% Government Funding

The vast majority of businesses will qualify for 95% government funding towards apprenticeship training.

100% Government Funding

Businesses who enrol an apprentice aged 16 to 21 will qualify for 100% government funding.

Apprenticeship Levy Funding

Businesses who have a payroll bill over £3million will have a dedicated pot of apprenticeship funds available to them to fund training.

NTG Training will complete the paperwork required for funding and submit it on your behalf. As a government recognised training provider, we are eligible to do this for you, and experienced in ensuring you gain all of the funding you are eligible for.

apprenticeships levy explained

Apprenticeships to Diversify Staff Skills

The pandemic has taught us that we need to be able to rely on, and operate with, a core number of staff. If your staff have a wider range of skills, they’re able to fill in and take charge should anyone ever be absent or leave the company.

Diversifying you staff’s skills will also enable them to cover functions within the business that may not fully require a dedicated role. 

For example, it’s a great idea to give your receptionist or office manager a digital marketing qualification

An assistant may also benefit from a business administration qualification.

An apprenticeship doesn’t take much time out of a worker’s current schedule, and level 2 or 3 qualifications can be completed in just a year.

Not only that, NTG’s flexible training solutions mean we can combine site visits and online classrooms to deliver apprenticeships in a way that impacts your schedule minimally.

Why Choose an Apprenticeship for Staff Training?

Apprenticeships are recognised qualifications; they’re extremely thorough and must be approved by a relevant body to ensure they give learners a comprehensive knowledge of their chosen subject.

Apprenticeships offer a much more extensive form of training than courses offered by training companies. They are regulated, held to extremely high standards, and nationally recognised.

Apprenticeships are available from GCSE level to Masters, so they’re an excellent way to encourage continuous professional development and a culture of learning within your team. 

Not only that, but apprenticeships are highly cost effective. Employers can contribute as little as £150-£200 in some cases for a year-long programme but may also qualify for 100% funding making the training completely free.

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