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Digital Marketing Level 3

This course is suitable for businesses who:

Content Creator Level 3 (NEW)

This course is suitable for businesses who:

Let's Explore: Digital Marketing Level 3

What Will My Employee Learn On This Course?

If the very words ‘digital marketing’ conjure up some nightmare-ish image of a spammy agency trying to sell you a few social media posts for over £1k/mo, we get it. 

Unfortunately, these tactics have given the skill a bad name. The truth of the matter however, is that an in-house expert that you create using our funded digital marketing training could bring skills to your business that are absolutely transformative.

Let's review just a few of the things they'll learn...

Social Media Content & Strategy

I'm sure you've worked out by now that simply making a post on Facebook every day does nothing for your business' bottom line. Our course teaches students how to create engaging content such as videos, lives, reels and more in order to build and nurture a real community of followers, who become brand-advocates and buyers.

Website Management, Building and Optimisation

Every business needs a website, we've known that since the 2000s! However, not every business knows how to best utilise their website to maximise on sales and lead conversions. Our course will help learners to manage and build websites that drive customers to your business goals.

Pay-Per Click & Online Ad Mastery

Anyone can set up an ad on Facebook or Google, but only a digital marketing pro can take that ad and make it shine. Studying techniques like A/B testing, cost-per-click optimisation and ad content creation, your new expert will really understand how to make a great ad that works.

Blogging, Copywriting and Content Creation

As they say, "Content is King!" and we truly believe that all digital marketing experts should master the art of using and creating great content. Learners will understand how to utilise modern techniques to drive more traffic to your website.

Search Engine Marketing

Google, Bing and... voice search? They're the GPS systems of the internet. With billions of searches made every day by customers who are seeking out businesses like yours, it's important that learners have an in-depth understanding of the techniques that help your business to appear on search engines.

Digital Marketing Strategy

A good marketing campaign isn't as simple as following a road map, it's a long-term strategy of experiments, data reporting and optimisations! Learners will study how to gather and analyse data to measure the success of their campaigns, and how to use that data to create campaign improvements, making the most of your budget.

And that’s not all! Our comprehensive digital marketing course covers topics like email marketing, analytics set up, video marketing, online branding and much more. As the course is led by a tutor with an extensive background in the industry, we always ensure our students adopt a process of continuous learning.

After all, the digital landscape is constantly evolving, and if you don’t have your ear to the ground, you can get left behind! We truly believe this is what sets our digital marketing courses apart from the rest.

Convinced Already? Let's Have a Chat.

Speak to our friendly funding advisors and they’ll help you out with any questions you may have. As this course is free or 95% funded, what have you got to lose?

The Actual Benefits To Your Business

Free or funded training is enticing, but we get it, what’s the point if it’s not going to improve your bottom line? 

Good thing is that we’re absolutely 100% convinced of the substantial benefits that this training will bring to your business. We’ve seen the proof thanks to the other employers we’ve already worked with.

Digital Marketing Training

How About A Freebie, To Get You Started?

We know that it’s hard to imagine the impact that digital marketing can have on a business, so we’ve put together a free taster pack! Download yours today and get a social media content calendar, a content planner, an introductory guide to digital marketing and much more.

What Funding Is My Business Eligible For?

I'm Based in Wales

Lucky you, all the applicable costs of digital marketing training will be 100% fully funded by the Welsh Government.

I'm in England & I Have Less Than 50 Staff

For your business, digital marketing training will be fully funded if the employee or new starter enrolled is aged 16 - 18.
If not, it's 95% funded.

I'm in England & My Total Payroll Bill is Less Than £3mil

In this case, you'll qualify for the 95% government funding for digital marketing training in all cases.

I'm in England & My Payroll Bill is Over £3mil

Your business likely already contributes to a funding pot called 'the Apprenticeships Levy' - you can pull all the funding you need for digital marketing training from that pot.

Convinced Your Business Needs a Digital Marketing Expert in-House?

You Have Two Great Options

Use The Funding To Upskill A Staff Member Who Already Works For You

This is an ideal solutions for businesses who:

  • Have staff members who have already shown an interest in diversifying skills.
  • Need to have an online presence, but don’t have the budget for a dedicated role.
  • Understand that they need greater role flexibility post-pandemic to stay active and operational.
  • Would like to try out Digital Marketing in their business, without too much commitment to a new role or agency.
  • Want to add a qualification and skills incentive that’s endlessly useful to add value for employees.

Use The Funding To Train A New Starter

If you want to create a dedicated, brand new digital marketing role, we can take you through the process of hiring an apprentice. 

But don’t let the word ‘apprentice’ put you off, you can hire at any skill level you like, and at any age too. Apprenticeships aren’t just for school leavers.

The course your apprentice completes is the same thorough and professional training programme that we’d use on an experienced employee. Either way, we’ll tailor the learning and offer your digital marketing expert-to-be a tonne of support.

Let's Do This.

Take the first step and start your journey towards digital business expertise. Your new customers are ready and waiting.

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