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Multi-Channel Marketer

(Formerly Offered As Digital Marketing Level 3)

This course will equip a current staff member or a new starter with modern, future-proof marketing skills. The course is designed by industry experts, and covers every aspect of the creation of a successful marketing strategy, including both digital and offline marketing.

We are able to deliver this course across England, and most businesses will be eligible for 95% funding towards the course from the Government.

What job titles would be suitable for the Multi-Channel Marketer Apprenticeship?

  • Digital Communications Assistant
  • Digital Marketing Assistant
  • Marketing Administrator
  • Marketing Assistant
  • Marketing Communications Assistant
  • Marketing Junior
  • Social Media Assistant

How much will this course cost?

This course is government funded in the vast majority of cases. It costs £11,000 to deliver, but the vast majority of companies will be eligible to pay just 5% at £550. You can learn more about funding on our website here.

How long does this course take to complete?

This is an 18-month apprenticeship.

The programme is delivered during normal working hours and training can be flexible to meet the needs of your organisation. We use a blend of online, webinar and practical sessions, and the apprentice will receive regular 1-1 sessions and support from their tutor.

What are the entry requirements?

Learners will need to meet the following requirements:

  • 16 years of age or older

What qualifications will be received upon successful completion of the course?

  • Level 3 Multi-Channel Marketer
  • Certificate in Principles of Marketing or Certificate in Digital Marketing

Topics of Study within the Multi-Channel Marketer Apprenticeship

Marketing theory, concepts and basic principles such as what marketing is, the marketing mix the promotional mix and the differences between each channel used.

The business’ structure, vision, priorities, and objectives, and how their marketing role supports these.

Business tools used to measure the impact of business objectives, the wider environment and sustainability on marketing activities.

What a marketing plan is, how it is built and its purpose.

The importance of competitor analysis and how to undertake it.

Brand theory such as positioning, value, identity, guidelines, and tone of voice.

Content creation using principles of design and copywriting, and how to adapt for online and offline mediums e.g., writing digital content for the web compared to leaflets.

Current and emerging technologies, software and systems which impact on marketing.

Relevant regulatory and legislative requirements such as data protection, GDPR, cyber security, trading laws, and copyright law for the handling and processing of data and its application.

Principles of conducting marketing communications in an ethical and diverse manner.

How internal stakeholders work to support the delivery of all marketing campaigns.

Common marketing channels, cross channel behaviour, and how to manage and operate an integrated campaign using online and offline channels.

How to brief and manage external marketing suppliers.

How to adapt communications for appropriate stakeholders and internal audiences.

The principles of content marketing, and content creation.

Budget management and how to measure return on investment (ROI).

The metrics for the delivery and evaluation of marketing activity

The importance of reviewing campaigns regularly to ensure effectiveness and optimisation.

The campaign management process including research, planning, budgeting, implementation, and delivery.

Tools used to support campaign management such as social media, Gantt charts, data analytics, and project management software.

The customer journey including customer offline and digital touchpoints, customer personas, how to engage customers at different stages of their journey, sales funnels and how to segment an audience for targeting.

The impact marketing has on the level of customer service or the customer experience, including community management channels

Quality management and the maintenance of online and offline assets.

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Invest In Your Team

Employers: What are the Benefits of a Multi-Channel Marketing Apprentice?

Most employers only pay 5% of the total costs of an apprenticeship for new starters, and there are plenty of incentives for training with apprenticeships. Aside from the low costs associated with this form of staff training, there are numerous other benefits for businesses!

Make Things Easier For Your Customers

Being able to order online, browse your full catalogue, contact you instantly via live chat or view your available appointments on a website will delight your customers. Fewer and fewer people want the hassle of calling a business up, so it's high time your business had a digital presence.

Become Highly Contactable

If you're not in the office, you're not manning the phones. If your shop is closed due to the pandemic, how can people reach you? Having a social media presence, a contact form on your website and a live chat facility can mean orders at all hours of the day if you wish!

Have a Daily Presence In Front Of Your Target Market

If you have an active social media presence, you could be appearing in your customer's feeds every day, reminding them that you're there! If you keep up regular interaction, social media is also a great place to build connections and loyalty with your customers.

Appeal to Digital-First Markets

If your business has no presence online, generations who have Google as their first point of call will likely never find your business. Gen X, Millenials and Gen Z will nearly always search and view reviews, recommendations and testimonials on social media before ever consulting paper marketing materials. Don't miss out on a huge potential market.

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