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Level 3 Content Creator Apprenticeship

Study how to create, plan and post content to engage with a business audience. Learners will create a variety of written and audio visual content that can be used across a variety of platforms and media. 

Who is the Level 3 Content Creator Apprenticeship For?

As an employer, you may use this apprenticeship course to train a new starter, or to upskill an existing employee.

This course is designed for businesses who recognise the need for a content creator role or function within their business. They likely recognise the rapid change within the marketing industry and the requirement to create content to maintain a community and engaged audience for their brand. 

Businesses seeking to enrol employees on to this course are likely looking to produce various forms of creative content, such as but not limited to; video vlogs, explainer videos, product videos, advanced online guides, tutorials, podcasts, images and videos for social media posts and more. 

This is a thorough course which is taught in a way that can be applied directly to the learner’s role. Our highly rated and experienced tutors come from a background in the marketing industry, and subsequently understand the unique needs of businesses who seek to benefit from the teachings of this course in a short time frame. 

Here at NTG we also recognise the importance of training our apprentices to use the industry standard tools required for their role. This is why we have included Adobe Creative Suite training within this apprenticeship.

With AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology now having an ever greater influence on the marketing industry, we also explore cases for using various types of AI tools to enhance the effectiveness of marketing and support the attainment of business goals.

What Does The Course Cover?

Upon completion of the course, learners will have a good working knowledge on how to:

  • Plan and develop creative content in line with a budget.
  • Create content in line with the company strategy and objectives.
  • Research, prepare and develop content to maximise audience engagement.
  • Utilise industry standard tools to create audio visual content.
  • Store and organise content and resources safely.
  • Collaborate with colleagues and stakeholders to design content which meets the overall strategy.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of posted content using analytics and data sources.
  • Utilise Adobe Creative Suite including Premier Pro to edit and produce content.
  • Undertake continuous professional development.
  • Utilise AI tools ethically, safely and creatively.

Key Information Regarding This Apprenticeship

Course Cost

This course is generally 95-100% funded by the UK government for most businesses. 

If 95% funded, the fees for this course will be £500.

You can view our full funding guide here.


Learners who complete this course will receive:

Level 3 Diploma in Content Creation


This course is only available to businesses who are based in England.

Learning Units

Plan and develop creative content in line with the brief and budget/costs.

Learners will study the effective management of a marketing budget and how to ensure costs line up with expectations.

Interpret the strategy and objectives of the brand and align these to the content.

This unit encompasses strategies for choosing the correct type of content for an audience and how best to research themes, styles and delivery methods for that content, in order to meet the business goals.

Research, prepare and develop the media messaging to maximise audience engagement.

Within this part of the course, learners will utilise data, research tools and methods to ensure the content they create leads to a high level of audience engagement, subsequently satisfying social media algorithms and overall brand awareness and engagement.

Develop and create written content that can be used across a variety of media.

Content creation isn't just about the audio visual formats, in this unit tutors will explore with learners how to create interesting, readable and SEO friendly written content, for websites, paper marketing materials, product descriptions and more.

Create visual and audio content that can be used across a variety of media.

Utilising industry standard video editing programs and commonly used video hosting platforms, learners will come out of this course with a thorough grounding in AV content creation. They will also explore equipment usage and storyboarding.

Store content securely and methodically to enable efficient access and retrieval.

Video, image and audio files can be a strain on the company servers due to their large size and potential to corrupt. Learners will study effective methods for file housekeeping for efficient retrieval and storage.

Collaborate with colleagues and clients to plan and align content delivery with business objectives.

Content without a plan isn't going to meet the business objectives, in this unit learners will explore the importance of liaising with stakeholders to deliver relevant and goal-orientated content.

Manage content online using appropriate tools and techniques.

Youtube, Vimeo, Spotify, WordPress, TikTok and more - all relevant hosting platforms for a content creator, and all with different 'best-practice'. Learners will study the online platforms and tools available to them for content delivery and distribution.

Evaluate the effectiveness of the content produced against the original plan and recommend improvements.

In this unit, learners will understand the importance of continuous evaluation and data gathering. They will utilise audio visual analytics platforms and website data to build an effective strategy for optimising content creation and delivery.

Undertake continuous professional development to keep up-to-date with trends and technology.

The digital industry develops rapidly, so it's important that your content creator understands the resources and methods available to them for continuous professional development.

Utilise AI Technology

Students of this course will also be introduced to the use of various AI (Artificial Intelligence) tools. Learners will study how to use these creatively, ethically and safely.

Interested in Enrolling Your Team Onto This Course?

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Benefits of This Course For Businesses

Access New Markets

Create social media campaigns that identify and target new markets for your products and services that you may have previously struggled to access.

Highly Targeted Campaigns

Get a much better return on your marketing investment by targeting your spend at exactly at your ideal customers.

Build a Loyal Community

Interact with your customers and community regularly to build stronger brand loyalty and higher spend per transaction.

Access to Data

Analyse your campaigns on a deeper level to understand and optimise sale trends within certain markets, leading to a better optimisation of your spend.

Gain Customer Attention

Appear in front of your customers regularly to build increased brand awareness and familiarity compared to your competitors.

Funding Apprenticeship Training


Most businesses based in England will be eligible for 95-100% government funding towards the cost of this course. This means as an employer, you’ll only pay between £0-500 for this professionally accredited training.

If you’d like to train a new starter in this apprenticeship, the only other associated cost is the salary of your new apprentice.

You can find further information regarding funding and apprenticeship costs on the following pages:

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