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Apprenticeship Funding, Incentives and Grants For Employers in 2024

If you don’t pay The Apprenticeships Levy then this page will explain everything you need to know about funding apprenticeships within your business. We’ll also discuss which government grants and incentives are available for businesses who take on an apprentice.

95-100% Funding Towards Training

& Up To £1000 in Grants

Firstly, Check Your Business Doesn't Pay The Apprenticeships Levy

If your business pays less than £3 million in payroll each year, the government will cover 95% of the costs of your apprentice’s training. If your payroll bill is over £3 million, you will fund apprenticeships through the Apprenticeships Levy

Decide Which Course Your Apprentice Will Study

View our course guide and decide which apprenticeship programme will best suit the needs of your business. Each training course will have a fee, but government grants will cover this cost 95%, or in full.

Understand The Government Funding Your Business Qualifies For

You can view our guide to this here, but in general, most businesses in England will be eligible for 95% course funding, and most businesses in Wales will be eligible for 100% funding.

Check If You're Eligible For Any Further Grants or Incentives

Small businesses with less than 50 employees, who hire an apprentice aged between 16 – 18 will qualify for a further £1,000 grant. We’ll explain all the possible apprenticeship grants you can obtain further on in this article.

Set a Wage or Salary For Your Apprentice

Apprentices must be paid at least the minimum wage set by the government. As a business, you’re responsible for paying this. However, apprenticeships offer excellent value for money in terms of the training provided and quickly often pay for themselves in returns for the business.

Get a Personalised Funding & Grants Review

Fill in the form here and our experts will be able to quickly tell you what apprenticeship funding and grants your business is eligible for. 

Government Funding Available for Apprenticeship Training

Did you know? Your business may also be eligible to obtain 95-100% funding to train and upskill your current team members, using the apprenticeship programme. Learn more here.

95% Funding From The Government

All businesses that do not qualify to pay the Apprenticeships Levy will only need to pay 5% of the total training fees. We call this an 'Employer Contribution'.

You don't need to do anything to get this funding, your training provider will process this automatically.

100% Funding for Non-Levy Businesses Who Enrol Apprentices Aged 16 to 21

If you hire an apprentice that is 16 - 21 years old, and your business has a payroll bill less than £3 million, the government will fund your apprenticeship training 100%.

Again, your training provider will process this.

100% Funding Through Levy Sharing

Businesses that pay the Levy have the option to share their levy funds with smaller businesses. This is great if you are a smaller business that regularly works with a larger levy payer.

You will need to apply for this funding using the government's new portal.

Payroll Bill Over £3 Million? Your Business Already Has An Apprenticeship Funding Pot...

Businesses who operate with a payroll bill over £3 Million are required to pay a levy which allocates funds to a pot for apprenticeship training.

You can learn more about the Apprenticeships Levy here.

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