The Ultimate Content Calendar

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Are you hoping to create content for your business, but not sure where to find inspiration? Here you can find the best social media content calendar for UK businesses, featuring all major UK events, trends and seasonal focuses. Access the next two months below, or sign up for access to the next 12 months to become a content creating pro.

November 2023

1st - World Vegan Day

  • Challenge yourself to Vegan-ify one or ALL of your products – Veganism doesn’t just encompass food, there are many animal bi-products in industry. Document your journey to find alternatives and share it on social media.
  • Share a list of ‘accidentally’ vegan products that you sell. Many people think Vegan products are specifically marketed as such, but did you know Oreos, Jammy Dodgers and Party Rings are accidentally Vegan?

5th - Bonfire Night

  • Fun for some but scary for others, bonfire night always results in some loud noises and mischief. Why not share a pet-friendly calming playlist or create a pet-friendly escape zone on your premises?
  • Alternatives to a boom – challenge your business to come up with an alternative option to fireworks, even if the results are a bit silly! Fireworks have become a little bit controversial in recent years so your efforts are sure to be shared online.

12th - Remembrance Sunday

  • Can your business come up with a creative way to honour the service and sacrifice of veterans? Maybe you could create a piece of art, host a service, or offer a free treat to local veterans as a way of giving back to the community.

13th - World Kindness Day

  • Create a ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ event within your business. Fill envelopes with little treats, freebies and discounts then hand them to customers in your store, or place them on car windshields in your car park. 
  • Create a beautiful product or service – a bouquet of flowers, a special meal, a hamper of shopping or a new pair of shoes and give them away to those who are most deserving of kindness in your community. You can even get your fans to nominate someone.

19th - International Men’s Day

  • Today is the day to highlight the unique challenges within men’s mental health. Why not challenge the men within your company to act and document a challenge against the social norms for males?
  • The IMD website has a whole host of fantastic resources for businesses who would like to get involved, including graphics you can use on social media.
  • The theme this year is “Zero Male Suicide” – did you know the male suicide rate in the UK is 15.6% in 100,000, compared to 5.5% in women. You can harness the power of your social media to raise awareness of these shocking statistics.

24th - Black Friday

  • Black Friday is obviously a fantastic time to host the ‘sale of the year’ but in recent times, businesses have been challenging the idea of ‘over-consumerism’ that this day brings.
  • Why not share some ‘alternative’ sales – For example, instead of 25% off as a discount, donate 25% of all sales to charity, or encourage customers to return unwanted old goods for a big recycling drive – offer a discount only if customers contribute to a positive cause!
  • It might seem counter intuitive, but if you’re a larger business, why not consider offing your social media clout to some small, independent businesses and causes for the day. You might not make as many sales, but you’ll probably gain a lot of new, loyal customers who respect your brand values.

30th - UN Climate Change Conference (COP28)

  • Why not host your own live-streamed Climate Change Conference? 
  • You could invite followers to suggest environmental changes that your business could make, allowing them a voice and giving you a great insight into how you can build more customer loyalty and happiness.
  • You could even design and publish your own ‘Climate Manifesto’ and create a page on your website where your fans can track your progress. Openness and transparency are high on the agenda of younger consumers, so this is a great way to appeal to them.

December 2023

1st - Vlogmas Begins

  • Do you have a keen videographer on your team? Vlogmas is a tradition on YouTube where Vloggers will post a video every day in December. 
  • However you can still participate without that much commitment, why not post just a 10 second snippet of behind the scenes content each day, or post a vlog once a week?
  • Vlogs can contain anything, from a sneak peek at your manufacturing process, a day in the life of an employee, a Christmas decorating video or a crafty how-to.

3rd - International Day of Persons With Disabilities

  • If there are people within your company with disabilities, ask them how they would like to honour this day within your business. 
  • You might also like to highlight notable stories of persons with disabilities within your industry.
  • Most importantly, challenge yourself to audit your business for ways in which you can do better to accommodate and include more people with disabilities within the workplace, or as customers with accessibility challenges.

10th - Christmas Jumper Day

  • Can your team design the ultimate cheesy Christmas jumper that fits your brand?
  • You could event film a catwalk show of all the fantastic Christmas jumpers worn by your team.
  • You could even ask your team to customise a Christmas jumper, then auction off the results for charity.
  • OR host an extremely limited run of silly Christmas jumpers on your website.

15th - Mad Friday

  • “Mad Friday” is traditionally the most popular day in the UK for the ‘Work’s Christmas Do’.
  • Filming ‘fails’ and funny moments from your do can create great social media content, just be careful not to risk offending your fans!
  • Or if you run an establishment that will host work parties, why not challenge your customers to put together the silliest photo at the door when they enter, and again when they leave, then tag the companies with their permission.

18th - School Christmas Holidays

  • It’s time for the kid-friendly activities again! Here are a few festive ideas for little ones:
  • Meet Santa and get a free photo when parents purchase over a certain amount.
  • Follow a festive scavenger hunt around your business, this is a great way to get parents to explore shops and displays they might not usually.
  • Hire a responsible Children’s entertainer to look after kids in a safe space while adults get some relaxing shopping done.
  • Host a Christmas Market, if your business has enough space, invite some complimentary businesses along for the day.
  • Free samples and product demonstrations – allow kids to test out the latest toys or allow adults to ‘taste test’ your festive tipples, just in time for the big festive shop!

24th - Christmas Eve

  • Many prefer to stay at home and get cosy on Christmas eve, so it’s a great time to put together a ‘Christmas Eve Box’ for your customers to buy and take home.
  • You could even sprinkle a little magic by hosting a very special live social media event before the kids go to bed – they could tune in at a certain time to meet Santa, an elf or his reindeer, and you’ll get the added benefit of lots of new followers!

25th - Christmas Day

  • Most people are on shut down today, so forget being sales-y and get sentimental instead. 
  • Share photos of your team around their Christmas dinner tables, get fans to share their favourite presents, ask your followers to recommend their favourite Christmas movie! Today is about building relationships with your followers. Keep it casual.

26th - Boxing Day

  • Traditionally boxing day marks a truly great British sale, so save some of your best offers and schedule a promotion on social media.
  • Don’t forget to schedule your best Vlogmas video for today, to take advantage of those who are chilling on the couch in their PJs looking for content to consume.

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