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The Ultimate Content Calendar

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Are you hoping to create content for your business, but not sure where to find inspiration? Here you can find the best social media content calendar for UK businesses, featuring all major UK events, trends and seasonal focuses. Access the next two months below, or sign up for access to the next 12 months to become a content creating pro.

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May 2024

6th - Met Gala

  • The Met Gala is the fashion event of the year, with an annual theme that often results in looks that range from drop-dead glamourous to “what on earth were they thinking?!” – it’s a marvellous opportunity to post some responsive content, memes and funny reactions. Just be sure your social media manager is watching live to be the first in there with the jokes.
  • You could even create your own fashion event at your business – ask local fashion students to get creative with your products and display the creations in your shop, or ask your team to come up with some sartorial curiosities, and get a live commentary going from your own in-house fashion police.

8th - UK Garden Day

  • Everyone LOVES a before and after video, so why not try transforming a space, however small, at your business into a beautiful garden?
  • Or if you’re planning in advance, have a traditional sunflower growing race in the office to see who can grow the tallest. Document the updates daily on your Instagram or Facebook Stories.

11th - 68th Eurovision Song Contest - Sweden

  • Cheesy, silly and wonderful, the Eurovision is trashy TV at its finest.
  • Do you have a wannabe Graham Norton or Terry Wogan? Get them to do a live commentary for fun!
  • Explore new product offerings related to this year’s host; Sweeden.
  • Get down with the predicted Abba-mania and host a dress up contest, lip-sync battle or karaoke contest.

14th - 77th Cannes Film Festival

  • Host your own ‘watch party’ online, inviting your followers to watch your own curated playlist of past Cannes winners, you can host a live discussion on Discord too.
  • OR make your own silly parody of one of this year’s nominations using your business as the set.

24th - Chelsea Flower Show

  • Very posh and very busy, the Chelsea Flower Show is still top of the list for all budding horticulturalists. It poses a great opportunity for any business that sells flowers to make their own beautiful flowery display, just like the ones donned by businesses in Chelsea this time of year.
  • Alternatively, why not collaborate with a local school to fund the building of their own mini Chelsea-inspired garden?

27th - National BBQ Week

  • We all know a bloke who has to get the BBQ out as soon as the sun starts shining, so start putting together a curation of your own outdoor products, tasty snacks and BBQ recipes.
  • Or do like the Americans do and have a BBQ cook off, to once and for all crown the local Grill Master.

June 2024

16th - UK Father’s Day

  • Also known as ‘Dad gets new socks day’, Father’s day presents a fantastic opportunity to suggest more creative gift ideas than the usual.
  • Send your social media person out into the wild to vlog and document all the local Father’s Day suggestions, building your relationship with other local businesses whilst also offering some really valuable content to your followers.

18th - International Picnic Day

  • Picnics are having a moment over on Instagram, so now is a great time to organise a professional photoshoot or collaborate with an influencer on all things picnic-related from your business.
  • Company picnics can also be a fun way to challenge your team to come up with a sharing dish, making for interesting social content.

20th - Summer Solstice (Litha)

  • It’s the longest day of the year and the druids are out. Make like the weather report and ask your followers to submit their best photo of the iconic sunset today.

20th - Glastonbury

  • Who’s headlining this year? Someone from the 70s that they’ve dragged out of retirement, or someone who will duly be exposed for having used auto-tune in the past, now warbling a performance that’s sure to go viral?
  • Glastonbury is a good opportunity for social media posts about festival fashion, the environment, curated playlists, reminiscing about past performances and any photos of those former hippies in your office who visited ‘before it was cool’.

29th - 111th Tour De France (Florence)

  • Even if you’re not a fan of cycling, the Tour De France makes for some beautiful scenery watching. This year, it’s hosted by Florence, one of the most beautiful cities in the world.
  • Identify the budding cyclists within your team and send them out on a cycling mission to identify the best routes in your local area, with the best pub-stops highlighted, of course.

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