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Lean Manufacturing Operative Level 2 Apprenticeship

This apprenticeship is designed to give employees the skills to carry out their work safely and meet the exacting quality standards demanded in a fast paced and efficient processing environment. Learners will gain a thorough understanding of lean manufacturing processes to streamline workplace productivity.

Who is the Lean Manufacturing Operative Apprenticeship For?

This apprenticeship is ideal for new or current employees in the manufacturing industry who wish to refine and expand their knowledge of manufacturing processes. 

It is suitable for any employees with roles as a manufacturing or production operative, logistics and material handling operatives, and quality and inspection operatives.

What Does The Course Cover?

This apprenticeship programme is designed to give your employees the skills to enact continuous improvement in order to streamline the processes in your manufacturing facility. 

Course Outline:

  • Understand how to prepare, control, contribute and complete manufacturing operations.
  • Gain a thorough understanding of manufacturing processes and standard operating procedures.
  • Understand safe working policies and the correct and appropriate use of PPE.
  • Learn the 5Ss to ensure the safe disposal of waste in line with environmental systems and regulatory requirements.
  • Learn the correct use of equipment, tools and machinery.
  • Gain an expertise in continuous improvement practices, including the Kaizen method, lean principles, and problem solving.
  • Understand how to complete thorough quality checks.

Key Information Regarding This Apprenticeship

Course Cost

This qualification is government funded and falls under the Apprenticeship Levy Scheme. For non-levy paying organisations, it requires a 5% employer contribution.

Total cost of training is £6,000. The employer is required to fund 5% of this equating to £300.

Business that have less than 50 employees won’t pay anything if they employ apprentices under the age of 19, and will receive a £1000 incentive payment. This will be discussed during the initial engagement to determine eligibility.


  • Level 2 Diploma in Manufacturing (Knowledge & Skills)

Entry Requirements

Learners will need to meet the following requirements:

  • 16 years of age or older
  • Work ready
  • An interest in manufacturing

Course Duration

This course will last 12 months and is delivered during normal working hours. Training can be flexible to meet the needs of your organisation. We use a blend of online, webinar and practical sessions, and the apprentice will receive regular 1-1 sessions and support from their tutor.

Personal Attributes Required for This Course

  • Must be reliable, punctual and take responsibility for their actions.
  • Learners must show respect for others with a consideration for diversity and equality.
  • Must have a positive attitude to change in the working environment.
  • Must be able to work on their own initiative, independently, but also within a team.
  • Must maintain a high quality of work, even under pressure.
  • Learners must have an honest attitude and communicate well with others.
  • Must be a confident communicator and open to the opinions of others.
  • Must be positive and respectful.
  • Must be open to following instructions and have a good eye for detail.
  • Learners must have a continuous improvement mentality with a desire to develop and adapt to different situations, environments or technologies.

This Apprenticeship will develop your employees’ knowledge, skills and behaviours in the following areas:

  • Health and Safety: Learners will understand how to work safely at all times, including identifying risks, working to supplier standards, using PPE correctly and managing COSHH.
  • Environmental: Learners will understand how to comply to environmental standards and procedures.
  • Production: Learners will be able to demonstrate their ability to carry out their role eectively, eciently and exibly
    maintaining lean manufacturing principles to meet customer’s demands.
  • Lean Manufacturing Operations: Learners will be able to demonstrate their skill and knowledge following SOPs and
    building their versatility across a number of processes and process areas. Select and use
    appropriate tools, equipment and materials to carry out the manufacturing operation.
  • Quality Control: Learners will be able to demonstrate appropriate process documentation control.
  • Problem Solving: Learners will gain the confidence and knowledge to identify and resolve problems within the lean manufacturing environment.
  • Continuous Improvement: Learners will be encouraged to produce ideas and contribute to process improvement activities, individually or as part of a team through fact finding and analysis to improve the safety, environment, quality, cost or production process. Identifying and eliminating the 7 wastes (defects,
    over production, transportation, waiting, inventory, motion and processing) 
  • Communication: Learners will gain the skills to confidently communicate through oral, written or electronic means to effectively share information.
  • Work Place Organisation: Learners will understand how to maintain and monitor the work site efficiently and effectively at all
    times using the elements of sifting, sorting, sweeping, spick & span (5’s) within the lean
    manufacturing environment

Interested in Enrolling Your Team Onto This Course?

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Invest In Your Team

Employers: How Can Lean Manufacturing Apprenticeships Benefit You?

Most employers only pay 5% of the total costs of an apprenticeship for new starters, and there are plenty of incentives for training with apprenticeships. Aside from the low costs associated with this form of staff training, there are numerous other benefits for businesses!

Reduce the Costs of Errors

During this course your manufacturing technicians will learn the 5Ss, and how to implement this into their daily role. This will help them to become more mindful and organised, but also more conscientious to their colleagues. Through learning to manage their tools, equipment and station in a more optimised way, they will reduce the risk of errors, and in turn, increase client satisfaction.

Fewer Costs Related to Accidents

Equipped with a better understanding of how their individual role influences their team productivity and safety, Lean Manufacturing Apprentices will be less likely to cause accidents such as producing an item with a fault, or causing a health and safety hazard.

Gain the Competitive Edge

With a highly trained team, you'll gain the edge over your competitors when it comes to the service you provide. You'll be able to produce more output for your time, and it'll be of a higher quality overall. Customers won't need to worry about frequent errors with their orders, and staff happiness can increase due to better working conditions and teamwork.

Make Gains with Productivity and Efficiency

With your whole team working towards a culture of 5S, you'll soon notice the financial benefits of cutting down time wastage from your daily schedule. Workers will understand how better organisation and processes help them to complete their job quicker and to a higher standard, and managers will gain time back from a busy production schedule.

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