Mental Health Awareness Course

Delivered Via Online Webinar By Our Experienced Tutors
£ 39 Including VAT
  • Learn to self-manage your own mental wellbeing
  • Learn to recognise and understand mental health in others
  • Gain a thorough understanding of mental health and it's lifelong cycle

Mental Health in the Workplace

Here at NTG we understand the unique challenges your workforce faces when dealing with mental health. That’s why we offer a comprehensive, certified course that will teach your employees the fundamentals of mental health. 

Our Introduction to Mental Health Course is now on offer for just £39pp inclusive of VAT. It’s delivered in just 4 hours over webinar by our experienced tutors, so why not sign yourself or your staff up today?

Next Course Date TBC, please call 01244 678100 if you are interested.

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Free mental health resources for your workplace

Looking for free downloads and resources to help your employees manage their mental health in the workplace? 

Here you’ll find posters, videos, blogs and more that you can share with your team. Even small steps like sharing mental health content can have a big impact on your team.

Does my team really need mental health training?

Mental health is possibly one of the most neglected topics in the workplace. Considering we spend 1/3 of our lives working, why don't we prioritise good mental health at work? By completing training and making small adaptations, it's been proven that improving the mental health of your staff increases productivity in the workplace. Let's end the stigma, together.

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Our Courses

Delivered digitally and by expert tutors, our mental health in the workplace courses will help your employees to manage their own mental health. They’ll also be equipped with the skills to deal with other people’s mental health in a sympathetic and understanding way. In these uncertain times, the isolation that lockdowns bring can create mental health issues your workers may never have dealt with before. It’s more important than ever before to prioritise the mental health of your team.

Introduction to Mental Health Awareness

Give your staff a complete overview of mental health, and teach them how to prioritise their own wellbeing.

Group Workplace Training

Would you like us to provide a tutor to teach a large group of staff members? We can deliver on-premises training designed to meet your needs. 

How will mental health training benefit my team?

Better Working Relationships

Staff who are happier and who understand the signs of mental health in others can work together more effectively, and use their skills to communicate in a more understanding and effective way.

Higher Levels of Productivity

It’s been scientifically proven that poor mental health affects workplace productivity. Over half of all workers admit that their ability to do their job suffers if their mental health does.

Higher Staff Retention

Staff who work for companies that make an effort to understand their mental health concerns are more likely to feel loyalty towards their workplace.

Managing wellbeing

Your staff work hard, but without self care they might end up experiencing burnout. Our courses help to teach staff about managing their own wellbeing, and how to implement good mental health practices into their day to day lives. 

A complete understanding of mental health

Studying in our virtual classroom, staff will have a complete overview of mental health by the end of our courses. Meaning they’ll be able to identify mental health warning signs in themselves, and others, and manage them effectively.


Learn from the very best

At NTG Training we have a 98% employer satisfaction rate. We can tailor mental health training to suit the needs and schedules of your team, and deliver most of our training during completely pandemic-proof online lessons.

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