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Off-The-Job Training

Off-The-Job training is an important part of the apprenticeship programme. We’ve create this page as a complete guide to off-the-job training for employers.

What is Off-The-Job Training?

Inspiration For Off-The-Job Training Tasks

General Off-The-Job Training Tasks

  • Check out our Events Calendar for off-site events that are relevant to your apprentice’s role.
  • Shadow a more senior team member while they complete their role.
  • In-house training programmes.
  • Coaching sessions or progress reviews with a manager.
  • Writing a reflective log about current tasks, job role or duties.
  • Attendance of online workshops and courses.
  • Self-study time, reading books, watching online videos or researching tasks.
  • Role-playing workshops or exercises.

Digital Marketing Off-The-Job Training Tasks

  • Completing a digital branding review.
  • Completing a social media audit.
  • Completing an SEO and Keyword audit.
  • Conducting website testing and reviews.
  • Creating a new overall digital marketing strategy, or a new strategy for an upcoming launch.
  • Learning a new technical skill from a colleague or a video – why not grab a Skillshare membership?
  • Practicing designing a webpage using your web management system.
  • Conducting competitor research.
  • Conducting market research for an upcoming project.
  • Completing the workshops on Google Digital Garage to obtain certificates.
  • Taking part in a digital design competition.

Business Administration Off-The-Job Training Tasks

  • Creating a pitch presentation for the management team.
  • Creating an organisational chart for your business.
  • Attending a course to master a piece of software such as Sage, or advanced Microsoft Office skills.
  • Identifying a skills gap within the team and organising a workshop.
  • Writing out a current process within your company and creating a proposed path for optimisation.
  • Practicing coaching skills by working with employees on a development plan.
  • Creating a visual data report by working with a more senior team member.

Customer Service Off-The-Job Training Tasks

  • Conducting a review of current customer service practices and presenting recommendations for improvement.
  • Conducting a review of personal progress and attainment.
  • Creating a presentation about the business and it’s goals, to show to colleagues.
  • Attending a workshop about GDPR, Data Protection or Codes of Practice within the industry.
  • Reaching out to your CRM rep to learn new advanced skills on the system.
  • Completing a customer service role-play, with feedback from an observing manager.
  • Visiting the product department to gain a better understanding of the business’s core offerings.
  • Listening to recordings of, or reading, previous complaints made to the business, and reviewing how they would handle the case.

Lean Manufacturing Off-The-Job Training Tasks

  • Attending an internal training session to study how to safely use a new piece of equipment.
  • Attending a health and safety workshop.

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