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National Apprenticeships Week 2021: Meet the Apprentice – Oliver @ Infoserve

Meet The Apprentice - National Apprenticeships Week 2021

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For National Apprenticeships Week 2021 we wanted to highlight some of the amazing apprentices and employers we have worked with. So from February 8th – 14th, check back on our blog and social media regularly to read interviews with some of the brightest stars in the apprenticeships world.

Remember, here at NTG Training we’re a recognised apprenticeships training provider. We’d love to work with you to help your business success through apprenticeship training – remember, an apprentice can be taken on at any age, and they can study up to Master’s Degree level! Just check out our article on Apprenticeship Misconceptions to learn more.

There are also some fantastic apprenticeship incentive grants available right now and it’s not too late to take advantage of them.

Ok, let’s get on with the show!

This week we spoke to Oliver Berryman, who has just completed his Digital Marketing Apprenticeship with Infoserve.

Could you introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Oliver, I completed the digital marketing apprenticeship in 2020 and I’m currently working at Infoserve Ltd, specifically in the PPC (Pay-Per-Click advertising) department.

For what reasons did you decide to do an apprenticeship?

I prefer the idea of learning whilst working and gaining knowledge hands-on, rather than studying at a college or university. It better suits my style of learning to be in a working environment and to develop skills whilst working alongside people in the industry. I would often find myself bored at school because it was. mainly orientated around textbooks and listening to a teacher. However, I found my apprenticeship to be a lot more engaging as I was learning about topics which were relevant to my career and which I also found genuinely intriguing.

What do you enjoy about your apprenticeship? What have you enjoyed learning?

I enjoyed the freedom and flexibility of the course. I was able to produce case studies which were relevant to where I work which definitely helped me to enjoy the work I was completing for the apprenticeship. I also enjoyed learning about business attribution models and sales funnels as these are closely related to my job and the day-to-day roles within it.

Would you recommend apprenticeships to others?

Yes definitely. However, I think it’s important to conduct a lot of research about your career path and choices before committing to a certain course. It’s important to become qualified in a job role which you enjoy and also in a working environment which you are comfortable with.

Where do you hope your apprenticeship will take you in the future?

I have now completed my course and I am a part of the team at Infoserve Ltd. This means I have now been given more responsibility within my job role and I am now considered a valued employee of the company. By completing my apprenticeship, it helped to open additional paths and opportunities within the industry which I hope to explore in the future, for example, SEO or even website design. 

Interested in learning more about apprenticeships? We’re available to talk on 01244 678100, or you can contact us here.

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