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National Apprenticeships Week 2021: Meet the Apprentice – Esme @ Working Solutions

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Welcome to part 3 of our series of apprentice interviews for National Apprenticeships Week! We hope this series of blogs is allowing you to get a better understanding of the benefits of apprenticeships.

We’ve already spoke to apprentice Oliver at Infoserve and the team over at IKO gave us a fantastic insight into the benefits of apprenticeships for employers yesterday.

Today we’re speaking to Esme and Julia from Working Solutions. Esme decided to expand on her skillset by taking on a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship, let’s get to know her:

Introduce yourself!

Esme Hamblin, Senior Recruitment Consultant for Working Solutions (Mercia) Limited and I’m studying for a Digital Marketer Apprenticeship Level 3.

For what reasons did you decide to do an apprenticeship?

I wanted to learn new skills and challenge myself then apply that knowledge to growing Working Solutions.

What do you enjoy about your apprenticeship? What have you enjoyed learning?

I enjoy that the subject matter is so broad and interesting. I am learning about the Principles of Coding, SEO, Marketing strategies, Blogs, Key Words and have created a detailed Marketing Strategy for Working Solutions.

Would you recommend apprenticeships to others? How come?

Yes without doubt. I have learnt so much in a short period of time and will obtain a recognised qualification.

Where do you hope your apprenticeship will take you in the future?

I hope to apply my new knowledge to personal Digital Marketing projects I am involved in outside of work. For example: Building a brand & social media campaign for the Holiday let cabins we are currently building at home.

Esme is exactly right, a digital marketing apprenticeship can give you a huge range of skills you can use in every area of your life, especially as life becomes increasingly digital. COVID-19 has certainly taught businesses that digital is the path to the future.

Next we spoke to Julia, the managing director at Working Solutions, we’re delighted Julia is backing apprenticeships!

Introduce yourself!

Julia Hughes, Managing Director, Working Solutions (Mercia) Limited, Recruitment Specialists

Why did your company choose to take on an apprentice?

It seemed a great way to offer training and development to a valued member of staff and develop our in-house skills in social media and marketing

How has your apprentice benefited the company?

Esme has gained the skills and confidence to create attractive social media posts, apply her written skills and gain an in-depth insight into the marketing opportunities for our micro-business. She has worked with me to develop a very useful marketing strategy document to assist and define our future business direction and growth

What has surprised you about the apprenticeship programme?

It’s much more comprehensive than I realised and Nick Kennard has proved a tremendously useful mentor to Esme

Would your business consider taking on apprentices again in the future, if the need arose?

Yes without doubt.

Considering expanding your business with apprenticeships but not sure which direction to go in? Check out our guide to essential apprenticeships for business growth!

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