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3 reasons Marketing Agencies are taking advantage of Digital Marketing Apprenticeship training

Three reasons why so many successful marketing agencies are turning to apprenticeships to hire fresh talent or train up their existing staff to be the digital marketing gurus of the future. 

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With everything going digital and as the growth of new technologies continuing unabated, there’s no doubt that more companies need support with their digital marketing efforts.

According to Neil Patel, there are 1,805,260,010 websites on the web (and growing!). For Marketing Agencies, this is great news because each and every one of those website needs help promoting its very existence. However, within this demand, comes a challenge: you can’t build a successful agency without having the right people, at the right price.

This article sets out three reasons why so many successful marketing agencies are turning to apprenticeships to hire fresh talent or train up their existing staff to be the digital marketing gurus of the future.

  1. Train up fresh new talent

Recruiting an apprentice into your team is a great way to build new college graduates and young “creative” into exceptional marketers. Fresh out of college, and keen to pursue a career in digital marketing, apprentices are eager to learn and happy to take on some of the more administrative tasks within your agency whilst spending 20% of their time studying for a Digital Marketing Level 3 qualification.  By the time they are qualified, they can progress within your company to be Account Executives or even Account Managers.

Employers are looking for marketers with a diverse skill set that includes digital marketing, content marketing, SEO, and social media marketing and the Digital Marketing Level 3 qualification covers all aspects of online marketing training.


  1. Developing your existing team

As companies scale and technologies continue to evolve, training your team will become a greater challenge for marketers. Whether it’s training them on the latest digital marketing trends or tools they’ll be using every day, digital marketing apprenticeship training could well be the answer to upskilling any staff who have real potential, but don’t necessarily have the knowledge.

Many marketing agencies have enrolled their admin staff, or younger recruits onto our Digital Marketing Level 3 program so that they have a good grasp of the latest digital marketing tactics to be able to successful run a campaign for clients.


  1. Cost effective recruitment

Apprentices are a cost-effective way to add skilled, productive employees to your agency.

The government have recently increased the level of funding they are offering to smaller businesses so that you only have to contribute 5% of the training costs and the government meets the remaining 95%.  This means that for the Digital Marketing Level 3 program which costs £11,000, your marketing agency will contribute just £550.  That’s real cost-effective recruitment; especially when you will be able to mould these employees to fill any skills gaps and train them to understand the values of your business.

If you are interested in taking on an apprentice, or upskilling any of your staff on the Digital Marketing Level 3 program, contact our Customer Support team who will help put together a training package tailored to the needs of your agency.


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