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Why training is essential to optimising linen management in the hospitality sector

Linen management and textile care training is essential to keep a pace with increasing demand and high standards within the hospitality industry. Find out the types of training available.

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Laundry is an essential component within the hospitality sector. The laundering of bed linens, towels, table cloths and napkins are crucial to be able to sell hotel rooms and put food on the table for restaurants. In fact, an estimated 24 million items of linen are processed every week in the UK.

It’s not just the quantity of items that makes these sector so challenging, high standards also need to be maintained.  It’s often the little touches like the standard of the ironing and the softness of the towels that make all the difference with the service that hotel guests receive.

Linen management and textile care training is therefore essential and a skilled workforce is required to keep a pace with increasing demand and high standards within the hospitality industry.

Types of laundry training required:

Quality standards

Building a team of qualified, quality and safety conscious staff is essential to ensure that your operation keeps pace with accepted international best practice.

Working safely and efficiently

Training should cover the knowledge of practical skills in the following areas: health and safety; people and supervisory skills; washing and finishing technology; operating cost control; product quality; machine productivity; and customer care.  There also needs to be a good knowledge of how to minimise the impact on the environment.

Proper use of detergents

Classifying products for appropriate cleaning processes on different materials, and how to use appropriate chemicals to remove stains and prevent colour loss.

Operating specialist washer/dryer equipment

Training for engineers should include washer extractor operation; tumble dryer maintenance; ironer optimisation; garment finishing equipment and laundry troubleshooting.

Preparing and packing of linen

Training needs to be given on how to sort and classify different materials and ensure all linen is packed to the correct quantity and type for safe and efficient distribution.

Our Textile Care Level 2 Standard delivers all of the above, and by mixing online training with on-the-job practical sessions, time off work and interruptions to production schedules can be minimised.

Apprentice training can be provided to existing staff, and if your business has a payroll of over £3million, you can utilise your apprenticeship levy to pay for the training.

NTG Training are one of the first training providers in the UK to offer this course, and the number of enrolments since the launch of the course has been extremely high.

To find out more about the Textile Care Apprenticeship training and how to enrol your staff, please contact our Customer Support team.



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