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The digital marketing skills needed to grow your business in 2020

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The UK is facing a ‘digital skills gap’; as the workplace adapts to technological change, many employers find their teams lack the necessary skills to keep up.  According to The Economist latest report, ‘The interplay of talent and technology in the future of marketing’ it alarmingly identifies that 70% of businesses indicated a talent and skills deficit in digital marketing.

The good news is that focused, digital-led training is available, which will provide the expertise your team needs to thrive in 2020. Here are some of the digital marketing skills needed to grow your business.

The ability to strategise and create integrated campaigns

Even in a world of blockchain, cloud computing and AI, the ability to persuade customers to take action is still the essence of marketing. But these new technologies require a high level of skill in strategising the most effective way to communicate.

Digital marketers in 2020 will need to build campaigns which are integrated across all manner of media, and to know the best way to utilise each. 

The ability to measure and evaluate

Great marketing staff need to possess the ability to measure and evaluate the success of campaigns, and to iterate and improve. With the advent of more and more complex digital technologies, this ability is vital.

The ability to see which marketing efforts are the most profitable, across multiple platforms and systems, is key to seeing your business grow.

The ability to adapt to new technologies

The rate of technological change is affecting all aspects of business, and nowhere more so than in marketing. Shifts towards automation, AI and big data, combined with new platforms to reach customers, mean that digital marketers need to be equipped with the ability to adapt their skills into new arenas.

Our Digital Marketing apprenticeship programme is based on up-to-date digital skills training and research, and tailored with your business in mind, so we can ensure that your digital team have the specific skills and knowledge for success.

About Digital Marketing Apprenticeships

NTG is here to help your business grow and thrive through fully tailored, up-to-the-minute apprenticeship training. A Digital Marketing Apprenticeship will provide new and existing staff with invaluable digital marketing skills, through a flexible work-based training programme which combines skills development and on-the-job learning and experience.

Speak to our training team today to find out more.

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