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5 tips for employers to help support your Apprentice

5 tips for employers on how to support your apprentice’s training programme and help your business benefit from having an apprentice.

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Taking on an apprentice, or up-skilling your staff on an apprenticeship training programme can be foreign territory.  Today an apprenticeship is simply defined as a job with training, so not only do you need to ensure they fulfil their tasks as an employee, but you also need to support them in their learning.

We offer 5 tips for employers to help make your apprentice’s training programme a success and help your business benefit from having an apprentice.


  1. Create a training schedule

Set a clear schedule of how (and when) the apprentice will receive the training. 20% of their time should be spent in off-the-job training so having a clear schedule will result in minimum disruption with daily tasks and deadlines. Remember that a lot of the training can be delivered online and onsite, so your apprentice doesn’t need to leave the office to dedicate their time to learning. We can help map out a clear training plan using a blend of online and onsite training to avoid disruption, and this is critical to the success of any programme.


  1. Create a strong support system

Providing the right support and guidance to your apprentice is critical to their success on the programme and also contributes to the growth of your business. This can be achieved by:

  • Providing clear KPIs and expectations of what you want them to achieve
  • Regular liaison with their tutor that will be assigned to them at the start of the training
  • Regular liaison between the employer and the tutor to see how you can provide additional support
  • Up-skilling other higher members of your team to support them in their journey as an apprentice
  • Providing regular and clear feedback


  1. Succession planning

An apprentice has the potential to really grow within your business, and an apprenticeship training programme is arguably the most beneficial way to futureproof your workforce. Having a clear succession plan will not only give your apprentice something to aspire towards, it will also help retain them as a valued member of your team long after their training has finished.

  • Keep them involved in team decisions to make them feel an integrated part of the team
  • Set them clear goals so they have a role to work towards once their training is complete
  • Provide examples of other members of your team who may have done apprenticeships who have progressed onto a more senior role


  1. Set them tasks that will support their learning

Giving your apprentice as many opportunities as possible to apply their training in real workplace situations is vital for the overall success of the programme. As an apprenticeship training provider, we work closely with employees to align their training with the skills gap you need so they will have plenty of opportunity to put into practice the new skills they have been learning.


  1. Be open and approachable

Some, less experienced apprentices may find it hard to ask for help, so make sure you’re approachable and take the time to listen and provide guidance.

If you are considering taking on an apprentice, or up-skilling your staff onto an apprenticeship training programme, view the courses we have to offer or contact our Customer Support team today who can help put together a training programme tailored to your needs.


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