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Here at NTG, we want to help SMEs discover the potential of utilising digital marketing within their business. On this page, you’ll find useful digital marketing blogs, tips, advice and free resources whether you’re:

  • Considering digital marketing for the first time.
  • Considering in expanding on your digital marketing efforts.
  • Or, if you’re not yet convinced you need digital marketing and would like to learn more about it.

At NTG Training, we help businesses from Cheshire and across the North West grow by implementing strong teams with expert skills. Don’t forget, we offer a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship, and it’s a fantastic way to grow your digital team with a smaller investment than you might think!

Digital Marketing Guides

An Introduction to Digital Marketing: For SMEs

Never had a digital marketing strategy in your business? Or perhaps past strategies have been lacklustre? Start here at ground zero with our easy to follow digital marketing guide for SMEs.

Take Our Social Media Growth Challenge!

30 days to higher engagement across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Free Universal Content Calendar

Plan your blog and social media marketing content around this extremely thorough calendar.

A Beginner's Guide to Instagram for Businesses

Instagram updates its features on the daily, but we're here to demystify how you can utilise this platform for your business.

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Will a Digital Marketing Apprentice Help Grow My Business?

Digital Marketing Apprenticeship Level 3

If you need to grow your digital marketing presence, and apprenticeship might be the best way to go about it. Learn more about what learners study on our Digital Marketing L3 apprenticeship.

Free Introduction to Digital Marketing Series

Choosing the Right Social Networks for Your Brand

Which is right for your business, Facebook? Instagram? Pinterest? Learn why you don’t need to focus on them all.

The Importance of Brand Consistency Across Online Marketing

Is your profile picture consistent on every social network? Are you conveying a similar tone throughout all your writing? Learn why it’s important.

How To Complete an Online Reputation Audit

You worked hard for your brand reputation, so ensure that’s what people see when they search for your business online. Here’s how.

Digital Marketing Thought Leadership for SMEs

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