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What Digital Marketing Tasks Should You Be Doing Daily?

What Digital Marketing Tasks Should You Be Doing Daily

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Digital marketing… if anything, it can be described as a lesson in consistency and commitment. Yes, you need creative flair and great ideas, but if you’re not keeping up with those daily to-dos you can still fall behind, or miss out on those little marketing wins.

That’s why we decided to create a checklist, because we know that busy business owners don’t have time to rack their brains every day wondering if they’ve done enough.

So without further ado, here’s your free downloadable digital marketing daily checklist plus a complete run-down of why these tasks are important.

NTG Training Digital Marketing Daily Checklist

Social Media Daily Checklist

Task Why It’s Important
Check posts are scheduled and proofread If you’re posting regularly to social media, you should be using a content calendar to plan out your posts in advance. This way, you can schedule your posts to go live at the most optimum time. It’s still important however to have a quick check every morning – posts scheduled in the past may no longer be relevant, or the information may need updating.
Review the latest industry news & trends Over your morning coffee, it’s a good idea to browse Twitter Trending, Google Trends and the latest news, as there may be something urgent that requires a social media response in your industry. Reacting quickly to trends can also give your visibility a boost on social media if you’re an early adopter.
Share an Instagram Story You don’t need to post every single day on social media, but you can utilise things like Instagram Stories on a daily basis for quick, dynamic content. Try a behind-the-scenes video, share a featured product, a special offer, or share content from your customers.
Reply to any comments Social media rewards brands who are social! If you are quick to reply to comments, social media algorithms will identify your posts as more engaging, and show them to more people. Remember, the best replies incite further replies from the original commenter! Start discussions!
Leave 5 comments on other accounts Networking is essential on social media. The more accounts you interact with, the more likely other accounts are to interact with your posts. You’ll also be increasing the exposure for your brand, as people start to see your username pop up in the community a lot.
Follow 10 new accounts Building your following on social media is tricky, but if you stay active and follow new, relevant accounts every day, you’ll increase the size of your community quickly.
Track and reply to your brand mentions This is really important, whether it’s good publicity or bad! Say thank you to customers who post reviews and share content featuring your products, and likewise, respond quickly and professionally to negative criticism.
Comment on new posts from Influencers This task is all about building your reputation. It’s a great idea to network with influencers in your industry so that they have an awareness of your brand, it could lead to great opportunities for collaboration. Not only that, but when you comment there’s a good chance a lot of their followers will see your username pop up, and they may get curious!
Check for trending hashtags in your industry If you use TikTok, Instagram or Twitter, it’s a good idea to check the trending hashtags regularly to ensure you’re creating content that resonates well with your audience.
Review what your competitors have posted Keep an eye on the competition! What did you like or dislike about their latest posts? Could you do it better?
Check if you need to update your profile page links with new offers or content Utilise those profile links! They’re what people see first when they click on your profile page. Ensure it’s an enticing offer, a great piece of new content or a fantastic landing page for your lead forms.

Website Daily Checklist

Task Why It’s Important
Check analytics and identify opportunities Staying on top of your website’s analytics report is a great way to ensure you spot any problems or issues on your website that can be resolved quickly. You can also identify any trends – is a certain product selling really well this week? Consider why, and map out your marketing around that!
Ensure all new posts and products have correct SEO mark-up If any new blogs, pages or products have gone live, take a moment to check over the headings, keywords, meta descriptions and alt text – they’re the basics of SEO and it’s important to get it right!
Publish new blogs and promote them Have a quick check over any new blog posts that are due to go live today and ensure you’ve scheduled in promotions for them across your ads and social media. There’s no point posting if no one’s reading!
Ensure website security is up to date It’s not strictly a marketing task, but you can’t do marketing if your website’s been hacked – can you? Update those plugins, check your security reports!
See if any new offers or products should be features on the homepage Working across departments, ensure that you’re up to date with any special offers and products that have recently launched. Consider whether they need a feature on your home page.
Check and reply to any new form submissions Replying promptly to any form fills or queries can be the difference between that customer choosing you or your competitor, so ensure you’re on top of them.
Refresh one piece of older content Google loves fresh content, so take some time regularly to check over older content and give it a little refresh if needed. It’s more likely to rank on search engines if it’s often updated.

Other Daily Digital Marketing Tasks

Task Why It’s Important
Check and send scheduled email campaigns As we mentioned previously, it’s really important to check over any scheduled marketing before it’s published, so have a quick clarity check over your emails. Maybe there’s a new offer, trend or update that means they’ll require a quick edit.
Review ads that are currently running and optimise them if necessary Ads should be reviewed regularly as you obtain important data while you’re running them. You can adjust your bids dependant on this data – for example, you may want to increase your budget for ads shown on mobile devices, as they’re performing particularly well for ROI.
Keep note of new content ideas for blogs and videos As your browsing social media and the internet throughout your day, have a space where you can put aside any content ideas you come across for a later date. You could store these on Pinterest, on a note-taking app or bookmark them.
Reach out to influencers in your network about collaborations If you discover a new influencer, why not drop them a quick message to see if they’re interested in collaborating on a project or campaign? It’s a great way to get your brand out there.
Catch up with other departments to stay on top of company news, launches and events A great marketer has their finger on the pulse and a contact in every department. Catch up with your colleagues regularly to see if they might spark some marketing inspiration.

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