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The positive effect millennial apprentices can have on SMEs

millennial apprentices

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If you’re running an SME, investing in apprenticeship training for millennial staff can reap huge rewards.

Generally defined as the generation born between the early 1980s and mid-2000s, millennials are rarely out of the headlines. Beyond the caricatures and avocado jokes, this is a generation who are innovative, tech savvy and eager to learn. Here are a few of the positive effects of millennial apprentices in SMEs.


They’re hungry for new opportunities and full of fresh ideas

 It’s no surprise that many of the UK’s most innovative businesses in recent years have been the brainwave of enterprising millennials. Their generation was taught to question the status quo and seek innovative solutions.

Expect staff in this age bracket to thrive when they’re given new opportunities and chances to innovate.


They have excellent IT skills

 This is a generation who have grown up with personal computers and the internet. Older millennials will have bridged the gap from dial-up to broadband. They got their hands on the first wave of smartphones and haven’t looked back.

If you’re looking for employees who can hit the ground running with IT and tech skills, then millennials are a great bet.


They want to use and hone digital skills

 Most millennials entering the workplace anticipate having to undertake additional training or education during the course of their careers, which makes sense is a rapidly changing workplace.  Our Digital Marketing Apprenticeship Course Level 3 is ideal for millennials who want to combine their tech skills with digital marketing training.


They care about learning and development

Forget beanbags and espresso bars. 42% of millennial employees surveyed by Udemy said that learning and development was the most important benefit when deciding where to work. Self-improvement and learning, both personal and professional, seems to be a huge driver for this generation.

All of which is great news for employers, as millennials will grasp training opportunities like apprenticeships with both hands.


They embrace e-learning approaches

In the same Udemy survey, the vast majority of millennials said they were confident about their ability to learn new skills and technologies. There is likely to be much less reticence from this generation about e-learning approaches like webinars and online course materials.

If you’re keen to find out more about how apprenticeships can benefit your business, get in touch with our team who can guide you through the whole process.


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