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How apprenticeships can help an ageing workforce

ageing workforce

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Is your company equipped to deal with an ageing workforce? Older segments of the UK population are growing rapidly, and employees are retiring later.

This older workforce can be a key asset to your business. Read on to see how apprenticeships can help you equip and retain older workers, and indeed reap rewards for your business.

The UK’s workforce is getting older

A third of the UK’s workforce is now over 50, a number which is set to increase as people live longer and work later. This is good news for employers, as there is a growing sector of experienced, skilled and knowledgeable workers.

The word ‘apprentice’ might bring to mind those who have just left school, but apprenticeships are an effective and affordable way to upskill existing staff of any age, ensuring their knowledge and skills are up-to-date.

The workplace is changing

 From technology to processes and company culture, work environments are becoming very different to the workplaces of 20 years ago. Most employees will likely retrain during their careers — particularly in sectors affected by automation and digitalisation.

Our apprenticeship programmes are tailored to your industry and your business, so your employees are able to access the most relevant and up-to-date training.


Staff development retains talent

Committed, knowledgeable and skilled staff are the lifeblood of your company. In-work statistics show that employees who are invested in and developed are more likely to remain within your company and to feel motivated in their work.

Rather than recruiting raw graduates — who businesses often report lack some ‘soft skills’ — investing in training for your existing employees with real world experience can boost productivity and retain talent, particularly among older workers.

Quality training tailored to your business

 Training is delivered through a combination of online course material, webinars and face-to-face meetings, all of which can take place at your workplace.

Make the most of the Apprenticeship Levy

 Thanks to the government’s Apprenticeship Levy, it is more affordable than ever to train and upskill your employees. Companies with a payroll of under £3m per year need to cover only 5% of the training costs, and those with a payroll of £3m+ can access training which is 100% funded through the levy.

If you want to know more about upskilling your ageing workforce, or about tailored apprenticeship training to benefit your business, get in touch with our expert team today.

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