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Why startups need apprentices

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In the UK there are more than 600,000 new businesses established each year and, according to reports in the Financial Times, that number continues to grow.

Startups — whether in tech, services or products — represent a huge and diverse portion of UK industry; the 2018 Startups Top 100 featured marketing agencies, brands who make peanut butter and mattresses, and tech solutions to everything from divorce and mental health diagnosis to energy bills.

Typified by rapid growth and a tech-savvy approach to working, UK startups are a great fit for apprentices. Here’s a few reasons why startups need apprentices:

Lower recruiting and onboarding costs

Most UK businesses can benefit from significant financial assistance to hire and train apprentices, thanks to the Apprenticeship Levy. (We’ve written about the levy in more depth here, if you’d like to find out more.)

Apprenticeships are a great way to hire high quality staff, reduce recruitment costs and ensure they receive top class industry training.

Staff who’ll rise through the ranks

 As startups grow, teams do too. Staff who have come on board as apprentices — who embody your business ethos and have the skills to match — are perfectly situated to rise through the ranks and support your company as it grows.

Staff who are trained and equipped well are likely to exhibit greater job satisfaction and loyalty, so you can train and retain brilliant staff who’ll go from strength to strength within your business.

Cover the skills gap

Apprenticeships are designed to equip your staff with the blend of skills they’ll need for success. That means high quality, up-to-date, industry-specific skills and knowledge for your sector — whether it’s manufacturing or SaaS. If you spot a skills gap within your organisation, apprenticeships can be a great way to fill it.

Apprenticeship training is also a brilliant way to take existing staff who possess brand knowledge and ‘soft skills’, and equip them with new expertise to help your business grow. 

Increased digital skills and focus

Whatever your startup does, it’s likely that tech is involved. Apprenticeship training incorporates relevant digital skills training. And because our training courses are tailored to your business, we work with you to make sure your team get training that will really benefit your organisation.

If you’d like to know more about recruiting or training apprentices in your startup then speak to our team today.

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