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Are you hoping to create content for your business, but not sure where to find inspiration? Here you can find the best social media content calendar for UK businesses, featuring all major UK events, trends and seasonal focuses. Access the next two months below, or sign up for access to the next 12 months to become a content creating pro.

March 2024

8th - International Women’s Day

  • The theme of IWD 2024 is “DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality” – today consider the ways in which you can make digital spaces safer and more inclusive for women.
  • It’s sometimes tricky to understand in a Western world and in younger generations, but 259 million fewer women have access to the Internet than men, even though they account for nearly half the world’s population. In response to this, why not host a digital skills workshop aimed at women, within your business?
  • Or ask if there are any local women in tech who might like to be featured in an article on your website or in your newsletter?

10th - Mother’s Day

  • Mommaaaaaa, oooooooh.
  • Mother’s day isn’t just about afternoon teas and flowers, it’s about honouring the women who go the extra mile to bring us into this world and subsequently drag us up into a respectable state of living. 
  • So instead of focusing on the traditional, you could get your followers to submit photos of their ‘badass mothers’ – mums who really break the barriers and go the extra mile.
  • Or go a little bit silly and get followers to submit photos of mum’s retro barnet from yesteryear…
  • OR have a little bit of fun getting your followers to embarrass themselves with the caption ‘why, mum?’, sharing their questionable bowl cuts, shell-suits and chunky school shoes imposed on them by loving mothers.

20th - Official First Day of Spring

  • Although we can’t rely on the weather to verify the fact, it is considered the first day of spring on this date.
  • You could go for a ‘spring cleaning’ angle, and film a highly satisfying cleaning video just like the viral ones on TikTok, or share some gardening tips for those who want to get ahead with planning.
  • It’s also a good time to encourage your followers to get outdoors after a long winter cooped up inside – consider hosting a walk, foraging workshop, or online spring wreath workshop.

29th - Good Friday (Bank Hol)

  • You don’t have to be a fishmonger to make the most of marketing on Good Friday – it’s also a time where many are celebrating and getting ready for a well deserved bank holiday weekend after a winter that felt like it would never end.
  • Start a discussion with your followers about their weekend plans, get them to share their suggestions for the best local Sunday roast, and their best ‘what if it rains’ contingency activities, then compile all of the best suggestions into a guide that you can share on your blog or on social.

31st - Easter Sunday

  • Chocolate, Sunday roasts and hot cross buns. After a feast like that, it can be hard to face the pile of never ending Easter eggs too, so today share your best recipes for chocolatey leftovers.
  • You can even set up a virtual Easter Egg hunt on your website – get your developer to hide some sneaky clickable eggs around and about, that lead to special offers and prizes.

April 2024

1st - April Fools

  • It happens every year, but companies posting elaborate April Fools pranks on social media still seem to catch a few followers out! Just make sure your prank is just slightly unbelievable enough that people don’t get too upset.
  • You could launch a new fake product, announce that this whole time your company direct has *in fact* been three racoons in a trench coat OR show off an unusual new design choice for your branding. The possibilities are endless when it comes to April Fools mischief.

1st - Easter Monday Bank Holiday

  • The Easter Bank holiday *usually* marks the first sign of decent weather in the UK following winter, although it’s not all that reliable.
  • If the weather is forecast to be good, it’s a great opportunity to plan an outdoor event at your business, or launch a new spring themed product range to get people excited for longer days.
  • You could also try to encourage some ‘user generated content’ by asking your followers how they used your products over the Easter Weekend, encourage them to send you photos and be sure to ask if you can use the content in a gallery to promote next year’s products!

15th - World Art Day

  • Art is everywhere and it can be relevant to every type of business.
  • If you’re office based, why not jazz up your walls by hosting a gallery for local artists. You could film a live video where you tour the art and introduce the artists behind the creations. It’s a great way to reach out to your community.
  • If you sell products, why not host a competition where artists can submit work that will be featured on your packaging for a month? Compensate the winning artist and you could even get your social media followers to vote for the winner.

21st - UK National Tea Day

  • Tea isn’t just a drink in the UK, it’s a national past-time. Today is a great day to invent your own quirky, branded afternoon tea!
  • You could also send out a ‘cuppa and a cake’ to your customers as a thank you, and get them to tag you on social media when they receive it.

21st - London Marathon

  • If you’ve sponsored a runner, you could harness the power of technology and live-stream their POV on your website, or update a live map with their progress!
  • Galleries of the best costumes also do well this time of year.
  • It could also be a a great idea to host your own local mini-marathon, encouraging your team to get moving – ask your followers to sponsor the competitors for charity.

22nd - Earth Day

  • Earth day is all about our impact on the planet we live on. Today, you could host an environmental event such as a recycling drive, tree-planting day or eco-friendly market.
  • It’s a great opportunity to purchase some branded, re-usable merch such as coffee flasks and bamboo straws – gift them to your employees and followers and reduce your carbon impact whilst getting in a free bit of advertising!

May 2024

1st - Met Gala

  • The Met Gala is the fashion event of the year, with an annual theme that often results in looks that range from drop-dead glamourous to “what on earth were they thinking?!” – it’s a marvellous opportunity to post some responsive content, memes and funny reactions. Just be sure your social media manager is watching live to be the first in there with the jokes.
  • You could even create your own fashion event at your business – ask local fashion students to get creative with your products and display the creations in your shop, or ask your team to come up with some sartorial curiosities, and get a live commentary going from your own in-house fashion police.

8th - UK Garden Day

  • Everyone LOVES a before and after video, so why not try transforming a space, however small, at your business into a beautiful garden?
  • Or if you’re planning in advance, have a traditional sunflower growing race in the office to see who can grow the tallest. Document the updates daily on your Instagram or Facebook Stories.

11th - 68th Eurovision Song Contest - Sweden

  • Cheesy, silly and wonderful, the Eurovision is trashy TV at its finest.
  • Do you have a wannabe Graham Norton or Terry Wogan? Get them to do a live commentary for fun!
  • Explore new product offerings related to this year’s host; Sweeden.
  • Get down with the predicted Abba-mania and host a dress up contest, lip-sync battle or karaoke contest.

14th - 77th Cannes Film Festival

  • Host your own ‘watch party’ online, inviting your followers to watch your own curated playlist of past Cannes winners, you can host a live discussion on Discord too.
  • OR make your own silly parody of one of this year’s nominations using your business as the set.

24th - Chelsea Flower Show

  • Very posh and very busy, the Chelsea Flower Show is still top of the list for all budding horticulturalists. It poses a great opportunity for any business that sells flowers to make their own beautiful flowery display, just like the ones donned by businesses in Chelsea this time of year.
  • Alternatively, why not collaborate with a local school to fund the building of their own mini Chelsea-inspired garden?

27th - National BBQ Week

  • We all know a bloke who has to get the BBQ out as soon as the sun starts shining, so start putting together a curation of your own outdoor products, tasty snacks and BBQ recipes.
  • Or do like the Americans do and have a BBQ cook off, to once and for all crown the local Grill Master.

June 2024

16th - UK Father’s Day

  • Also known as ‘Dad gets new socks day’, Father’s day presents a fantastic opportunity to suggest more creative gift ideas than the usual.
  • Send your social media person out into the wild to vlog and document all the local Father’s Day suggestions, building your relationship with other local businesses whilst also offering some really valuable content to your followers.

18th - International Picnic Day

  • Picnics are having a moment over on Instagram, so now is a great time to organise a professional photoshoot or collaborate with an influencer on all things picnic-related from your business.
  • Company picnics can also be a fun way to challenge your team to come up with a sharing dish, making for interesting social content.

20th - Summer Solstice (Litha)

  • It’s the longest day of the year and the druids are out. Make like the weather report and ask your followers to submit their best photo of the iconic sunset today.

20th - Glastonbury

  • Who’s headlining this year? Someone from the 70s that they’ve dragged out of retirement, or someone who will duly be exposed for having used auto-tune in the past, now warbling a performance that’s sure to go viral?
  • Glastonbury is a good opportunity for social media posts about festival fashion, the environment, curated playlists, reminiscing about past performances and any photos of those former hippies in your office who visited ‘before it was cool’.

29th - 111th Tour De France (Florence)

  • Even if you’re not a fan of cycling, the Tour De France makes for some beautiful scenery watching. This year, it’s hosted by Florence, one of the most beautiful cities in the world.
  • Identify the budding cyclists within your team and send them out on a cycling mission to identify the best routes in your local area, with the best pub-stops highlighted, of course.

July 2024

1st - International Joke Day

  • Can you come up with a great joke related to your products and services? Can your team or followers come up with a better one? Challenge everyone today to see who gets crowned as the ultimate joker.

1st - Wimbledon Begins

  • It’s time for strawberries and cream, washed down with a jug of Pimms. Or perhaps you can start a new tradition with your own summery suggestions?
  • Make your own predications for who will take the top spots this year, and discuss the ensuing drama with your followers.

7th - World Chocolate Day

  • Can you make your company logo out of chocolate? 
  • Can you challenge your team or customers to a ‘chocolate challenge’ to see who has a chocolate appetite comparable to Bruce Bogtrotter?
  • Or maybe you could host the ultimate chocolate battle, where the UK’s most popular chocolate bars compete in several social media hosted voting rounds, to finally once and for all, name the nations favourite chocolate bar.

26th - Paris Olympics Opening Ceremony

  • Kept under wraps until the final moment, the Olympics Opening Ceremony is a fantastic source of content for anyone who enjoys live Tweeting – or… X-ing?
  • If you have any in-house sports fans, ask if they’d enjoy hosting a ten minute podcast each day discussing the latest results – your followers may appreciate the daily summary.

August 2024

4th - Edinburgh Fridge Begins

  • Are any of your followers or team members budding comedians? Why not host your own comedy night and film it for social media?
  • You could also blog about your own personal recommendations for comedians worth seeing.
  • Or make a curated video of all your favourite jokes and funny TV scenes related to your industry.

8th - International Cat Day

  • Cats rule the internet, so today make a compilation inspired by a TikTok trend – introduce each of your team’s cats with a short statement about the ‘crime’ they are often guilty of. For example, “This is Mittens, Mittens is currently on parole for grand theft dinner plate.”
  • Cata are also known for their notorious way of disrupting those who work from home. Ask your remote workers to send in their pictures of cat-related chaos, whether it’s Felix sitting on their keyboard, or Garfield meowing in the background of a professional Zoom call…

21st - World Entrepreneurs Day

  • If you’re a more established business in the community, why not invite a range of different entrepreneurs to set up a stall in your canteen this week. It’ll help them reach a new audience, and you could even share a little interview with them across your socials.
  • Or if you have an in-house expert on a particular business topic, why not run an online Dragon’s Den style competition, where the winner can take part in a detailed coaching session.

26th - International Dog Day

  • Cats might rule the internet, but Dogs rule our hearts. Today, ask your followers to share photos of their cutest doggos pulling the most effective puppy-dog-eyes.
  • If you’re confident it won’t be too disruptive, now would also be a golden opportunity to host a ‘bring your dog to work’ day… and even if it is disruptive, that makes for even better social media content.

26th - Summer Bank Holiday

  • Summer is well and truly here and beer gardens across the UK are full. Today, share your suggestions for local bank holiday activities, or offer a giveaway with everything your followers need to have the best bank holiday ever.
  • In fact, why not collaborate with the businesses you recommended to put on a HUGE giveaway collaboratively – you’ll end up introducing a much larger pool of followers to a range of businesses, and the impact of your giveaway could be greater with such a large prize at stake.

September 2024

2nd - Back To School (May Vary By Local Authority)

  • Create a page on your website featuring a ‘back to school’ product guide.
  • If you’re a food business, share some back to school lunchbox recipes.
  • If you’re an office, why not allow staff to head home early to greet little ones when they finish the school day, ask them to film their kid’s reactions if they’re happy to share the moment!

6th - Read a Book Day

  • Share a curated reading list of books in your industry, recommended by your team.
  • Create a mystery book giveaway – film your team members describing their favourite book on social media, the first fan to guess correctly gets a copy of that book as a prize!
  • Create art / food / photos / drinks etc inspired by your favourite literary characters. For example, if you’re a restaurant, what would your chef imagine a character would eat? 

10th - Suicide Prevention Day

  • Dedicate your social media to signposting towards mental health and suicide prevention services today. 
  • Share a profile on someone in your industry who was sadly lost to suicide in order to raise awareness of mental health challenges, but be sure to make followers aware that you’ll be discussing potentially triggering content.

22nd - Car Free Day

  • Why not challenge the leaders within your company to document a car-free commute to work today? 
  • Or get your team to come up with the most creative way to travel to work without a car, film the results and share on social!

23rd - First Day of Autumn (Mabon, Autumn Equinox)

  • Host an Autumn photo competition and ask your followers to share their best autumn-y Instagram photo!
  • Offer a very autumn-y VIP experience for your customers – make it exclusive by giving out free tickets at random to those who have made recent purchases.

27th - Macmillan Coffee Morning

  • Challenge your team to make on-brand edible goodies for a Macmillan bake sale – you could even film a ‘judging’ of the best bake with your own in-house Prue and Paul.

October 2024

1st - International Coffee Day

  • Share photos of your best latte art – or even make it into a competition.
  • Film a video to see if your colleagues personalities match their coffee preferences.
  • Offer a discount on your best coffee product.
  • Launch a special limited coffee product for this week only.

1st - International Vegetarian Day

  • Offer a menu of veggie and vegan specials.
  • Share a ‘behind the scenes’ of how you ensure vegetarian items are carefully prepared.
  • Challenge the office to bring in a vegetarian dish for a buffet, film the results.

5th - Teacher’s Day

  • Ask the teachers in your business to share a short story about what inspires them to teach.
  • Put together a video where learners can share the impact teachers have had on their lives.
  • Create a giveaway hamper for a teacher using your products, ask your fans to explain why their teacher is the most deserving of a treat.

10th - World Mental Health Day

  • Work together with your team to put on a fundraiser for your chose mental health charity, be sure to record the results.
  • Share the ways in which you’re committed to improving mental health in the workplace. 
  • Donate a portion of your sales this week to mental health charities and spread awareness of local mental health resources with your customers.

23rd-27th - School Half Term (Check as localities may differ)

  • Create a Halloween-themed trail or challenge at your business location and ask attendees to share their escapades on social media for a chance to win a prize.
  • Offer a product or service freebie or discount to help parents who do not benefit from free school meals over half terms. Raise awareness for this on local Facebook pages.

26th - National Pumpkin Day

  • Challenge your team to carve a branded Pumpkin and get your social media fans to vote for the winner.
  • Add a special pumpkin-flavoured offering to your menu and snap some Instagrammable photos of it.
  • Host a tiny pumpkin hunt at your business location and share clues periodically on your social media.

31st - Halloween

  • Create a spooky code word and share it on social media, kids can use this to obtain a small treat in-store at your business.
  • Get your team to dress up in their best Halloween costumes and challenge your customers to get social media selfies with them. Offer a prize for the best photo – all with your team’s permission of course!

November 2024

1st - World Vegan Day

  • Challenge yourself to Vegan-ify one or ALL of your products – Veganism doesn’t just encompass food, there are many animal bi-products in industry. Document your journey to find alternatives and share it on social media.
  • Share a list of ‘accidentally’ vegan products that you sell. Many people think Vegan products are specifically marketed as such, but did you know Oreos, Jammy Dodgers and Party Rings are accidentally Vegan?

5th - Bonfire Night

  • Fun for some but scary for others, bonfire night always results in some loud noises and mischief. Why not share a pet-friendly calming playlist or create a pet-friendly escape zone on your premises?
  • Alternatives to a boom – challenge your business to come up with an alternative option to fireworks, even if the results are a bit silly! Fireworks have become a little bit controversial in recent years so your efforts are sure to be shared online.

10th - Remembrance Sunday

  • Can your business come up with a creative way to honour the service and sacrifice of veterans? Maybe you could create a piece of art, host a service, or offer a free treat to local veterans as a way of giving back to the community.

11th-22nd - UN Climate Change Conference (COP29) - Azerbaijan

  • Why not host your own live-streamed Climate Change Conference? 
  • You could invite followers to suggest environmental changes that your business could make, allowing them a voice and giving you a great insight into how you can build more customer loyalty and happiness.
  • You could even design and publish your own ‘Climate Manifesto’ and create a page on your website where your fans can track your progress. Openness and transparency are high on the agenda of younger consumers, so this is a great way to appeal to them.

13th - World Kindness Day

  • Create a ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ event within your business. Fill envelopes with little treats, freebies and discounts then hand them to customers in your store, or place them on car windshields in your car park. 
  • Create a beautiful product or service – a bouquet of flowers, a special meal, a hamper of shopping or a new pair of shoes and give them away to those who are most deserving of kindness in your community. You can even get your fans to nominate someone.

19th - International Men’s Day

  • Today is the day to highlight the unique challenges within men’s mental health. Why not challenge the men within your company to act and document a challenge against the social norms for males?
  • The IMD website has a whole host of fantastic resources for businesses who would like to get involved, including graphics you can use on social media.

29th - Black Friday

  • Black Friday is obviously a fantastic time to host the ‘sale of the year’ but in recent times, businesses have been challenging the idea of ‘over-consumerism’ that this day brings.
  • Why not share some ‘alternative’ sales – For example, instead of 25% off as a discount, donate 25% of all sales to charity, or encourage customers to return unwanted old goods for a big recycling drive – offer a discount only if customers contribute to a positive cause!
  • It might seem counter intuitive, but if you’re a larger business, why not consider offing your social media clout to some small, independent businesses and causes for the day. You might not make as many sales, but you’ll probably gain a lot of new, loyal customers who respect your brand values.

December 2024

1st - Vlogmas Begins

  • Do you have a keen videographer on your team? Vlogmas is a tradition on YouTube where Vloggers will post a video every day in December. 
  • However you can still participate without that much commitment, why not post just a 10 second snippet of behind the scenes content each day, or post a vlog once a week?
  • Vlogs can contain anything, from a sneak peek at your manufacturing process, a day in the life of an employee, a Christmas decorating video or a crafty how-to.

3rd - International Day of Persons With Disabilities

  • If there are people within your company with disabilities, ask them how they would like to honour this day within your business. 
  • You might also like to highlight notable stories of persons with disabilities within your industry.
  • Most importantly, challenge yourself to audit your business for ways in which you can do better to accommodate and include more people with disabilities within the workplace, or as customers with accessibility challenges.

10th - Christmas Jumper Day

  • Can your team design the ultimate cheesy Christmas jumper that fits your brand?
  • You could event film a catwalk show of all the fantastic Christmas jumpers worn by your team.
  • You could even ask your team to customise a Christmas jumper, then auction off the results for charity.
  • OR host an extremely limited run of silly Christmas jumpers on your website.

20th - Mad Friday

  • “Mad Friday” is traditionally the most popular day in the UK for the ‘Work’s Christmas Do’.
  • Filming ‘fails’ and funny moments from your do can create great social media content, just be careful not to risk offending your fans!
  • Or if you run an establishment that will host work parties, why not challenge your customers to put together the silliest photo at the door when they enter, and again when they leave, then tag the companies with their permission.

23rd - School Christmas Holidays

  • It’s time for the kid-friendly activities again! Here are a few festive ideas for little ones:
  • Meet Santa and get a free photo when parents purchase over a certain amount.
  • Follow a festive scavenger hunt around your business, this is a great way to get parents to explore shops and displays they might not usually.
  • Hire a responsible Children’s entertainer to look after kids in a safe space while adults get some relaxing shopping done.
  • Host a Christmas Market, if your business has enough space, invite some complimentary businesses along for the day.
  • Free samples and product demonstrations – allow kids to test out the latest toys or allow adults to ‘taste test’ your festive tipples, just in time for the big festive shop!

24th - Christmas Eve

  • Many prefer to stay at home and get cosy on Christmas eve, so it’s a great time to put together a ‘Christmas Eve Box’ for your customers to buy and take home.
  • You could even sprinkle a little magic by hosting a very special live social media event before the kids go to bed – they could tune in at a certain time to meet Santa, an elf or his reindeer, and you’ll get the added benefit of lots of new followers!

25th - Christmas Day

  • Most people are on shut down today, so forget being sales-y and get sentimental instead. 
  • Share photos of your team around their Christmas dinner tables, get fans to share their favourite presents, ask your followers to recommend their favourite Christmas movie! Today is about building relationships with your followers. Keep it casual.

26th - Boxing Day

  • Traditionally boxing day marks a truly great British sale, so save some of your best offers and schedule a promotion on social media.
  • Don’t forget to schedule your best Vlogmas video for today, to take advantage of those who are chilling on the couch in their PJs looking for content to consume.

January 2025

1st - New Year’s Day (Bank Hol)

  • Can you offer a service that suits those who celebrated a little too hard last night? This is a great time for food businesses to offer a stodgy breakfast or brunch, or share their signature French toast recipe.
  • Or if you don’t offer food, you could run a giveaway where you order delivery for a grateful follower!
  • You can also encourage customers to enter a discussion on social media about their #goodresolutions. Avoid any miserable things like ‘getting a beach body for summer’ or ‘waking up at 5am’ and instead ask for something more positive like ‘spending more family time’ or ‘being kinder to yourself’.

6th - Back To School

  • Nothing hits quite like returning to a cold classroom after a Christmas filled with joy, toys and sugar. So why not offer some encouraging positivity today for the kids?
  • You could put on a special treat for them after school, or ask them to share their ‘reasons to be happy’ for a chance to win something nice! 
  • Remember there’s nothing quite as cute and shareable as getting parents to record and share their little one’s wisdom – with permission of course.

9th - Golden Globes

  • The rich and famous battle the January blues by donning their most glamorous dresses and giving each other awards – why not do the same?
  • Get your staff to return to work via the red carpet, but make the challenge a bit harder by getting them to wrangle a free outfit from somewhere creative, just like the celebs do. Record the chaos and make sure to tag the businesses who supply the best glam garb – the weirder and more creative the better.
  • You could even design an individual reward for each staff member based on their unique merits, and ask them to record their acceptance speech! 

20th - Blue Monday

  • Blue Monday takes into account the average weather, levels of post-Christmas debt, the average time it takes to break a new year’s resolution and the lag from being paid early at Christmas, leading to low funds in January.
  • Although it doesn’t have a whole lot of scientific basis, it’s true January can be a bit depressing for many due to these reasons, so why not get creative to put on something joyous?
  • You could fund and film a surprise wellbeing day for your team, starting with some morning yoga, leading to a huge delicious lunch and an afternoon mini spa session…
  • Or start a discussion on social media about gratitude and the positive outlooks it brings.
  • Or ask your followers to share their ‘happy news’ and create a podcast!

31st - Self-Assessment Tax Return Deadline

  • If you’re a B2B business, it’s a good idea to note this date as it’s one that many businesses dread! 
  • In the run up, offer your customers some free resources to make the self assessment deadline less stress inducing…
  • You could host a free, live Q&A session with an accountant, make a video guide to self assessment, create a jargon-buster guide on your website or even host an informative event.

31st - Grammy Awards

  • Sometimes criticised for it’s neglect and snubbing of ‘rightful winners’, the Grammy’s presents an opportunity for you to share and discuss your personal nominations for each category – will your followers agree?
  • The show is also in a period of extremely low viewership compared to previous years, so be sure to look out for some headline-grabbing publicity stunts you can create some reactionary content to.

February 2025

2nd - Groundhog Day

  • Weird but wonderful, every February 2nd citizens of the US and Canada eagerly watch a groundhog called ‘Dunkirk Dave’ emerge from his burrow. Superstition has it, if he sees his own shadow, there will be six more weeks of winter weather…
  • Today you could challenge your followers to create and video their own kooky superstitions – take a look at Noodle the Pug on TikTok for inspiration, every day his owner would pick him up out of bed and set him down – if he stood, it was a ‘bones’ day and a positive omen, but if he flopped back down, it was a ‘no bones’ day, and everyone was advised to return to bed.

9th - National Pizza Day UK

  • Pizza is glorious and should be celebrated, just be careful of falling into the trap of fulfilling the popular cliché that employers would rather host a pizza day than rewarding their staff financially for hard work… yes, it’s a viral concept online.
  • Instead, why not take inspiration from ‘The Free Pizza Dude’ on Imgur and pay for a pizza dinner for those who are in need in your community. 
  • You could even film a ‘taste testing’ reaction video to unusual pizza toppings suggested by your followers.

10th - The UN's International Day of Women & Girls in Science

  • Traditionally, women have always been under-represented in STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering and Maths). This day aims to encourage more women into these industries, and more employers to ensure their staff are a balanced representation of diverse applicants.
  • Today, think about what you can do to break the barriers, such as offering a STEM workshop for young people or highlighting inspiring stories.

13th - Pancake Day

  • You could challenge other businesses to a pancake-off today, whether that means eating, making or simply flipping with style.
  • Pancake day was traditionally about using up the food in your cupboard, so it’s also a great opportunity to highlight and challenge food waste – you could even ask your followers to design some weird and wonderful pancakes using just what’s available to them right now!

14th - Valentine’s Day

  • Whether you LOVE Valentine’s or see it as overcommercialised nonsense, it’s hard to avoid today. But now is a great opportunity to celebrate love in all it’s forms and highlight some feel-good love stories in your community. 
  • Gift guides will be gratefully received this time of year too, meaning you can stir anxious partners away from the petrol station bouquets and into the realms of your most creative products!

20th - Love Your Pet Day

  • The internet thrives on the worship of pets. In fact, sharing a cute pet photo is one of the easiest ways to rack up some social media clout effortlessly.
  • Get your team to bring their dogs to work, take photos of their cute furry friends for social media and ask your followers for their creative pet job titles, whether it’s ‘Chief Snacking Officer’, ‘Head of Walkies Logistics’ or ‘Treat Quality Control Personnel’.

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