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Level 3 Diploma in Social Media for Business

Study the use of social media marketing as part of a wider digital marketing strategy within a business. Gain skills in campaign management, content creation and scheduling, PPC social media advertising and more.

Who is the Level 3 Diploma in Social Media For Business For?

As an employer, you may use this apprenticeship course to train a new starter, or to upskill an existing employee.

This course is ideal for businesses who are looking to advance their marketing presence and impact using social media networks and tools.

It will equip learners with a range of skills, enabling them to produce a full social media marketing strategy for your business. They will then be able to execute that strategy to a high standard, using content creation, scheduling skills and content management tools to maintain an active business presence on social media.

They will study a range of platforms and tailor your business strategy to the correct platform to meet it’s ideal market. 

This course will also equip students with all the necessary know-how to run successful ad campaigns on social media platforms.

Led by industry-expert tutors and made with business success in mind, this course teaches an indispensable skill-set for all businesses.

What Does The Course Cover?

Upon completion of the course, learners will have a good working knowledge on how to:

  • Implement and design a social media campaign in order to meet business goals.
  • Optimise online content for keywords and SEO.
  • Optimise a social media campaign using data, analytics and targeting to obtain a strong ROI.
  • Use collaborative technologies to communicate and coordinate marketing strategy.
  • Create highly-targeted and effective social media campaigns.
  • Use website software to create effective and efficient social media campaigns.
  • Create social media ads and promotions in line with business strategy.


Key Information Regarding This Apprenticeship

Course Cost

This course is fully funded by Senedd Cymru for businesses in Wales.

This means employers will not pay a penny towards the associated training fees.


Learners who complete this course will receive:

Level 3 Diploma in Social Media for Business


This course is only available to businesses who are based in Wales.

Learning Units

Principles of Social Media Within a Business

Learners will study the fundamental uses and benefits of social media within a business.

Principles of Keywords and Optimisation

Study how to implement keywords and/or keyword phrases on a website to achieve maximise optimisation.

Social Networking Management for a Business

This unit is about using social networking for business in a cost effective and time efficient way.

Using Collaborative Technologies

This unit is about the ability to use IT tools and devices for collaborative working and communications.

Using Digital and Social Media in Marketing Campaigns

This unit concerns understanding planning requirements for the use of digital and social media and market to target customers using digital and social media.

Creating and Optimising Content for the Web

This unit is about creating optimised online profiles, blog and micro-blog content and the legal implications surrounding this.

Website Software

This unit is about the ability to use a software application designed for planning.

Principles of Social Media Advertising and Promotion

This unit is about understanding advertising and promotion within social media sites and the use of digital vouchers for a business.

Interested in Enrolling Your Team Onto This Course?

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Benefits of This Course For Businesses

Access New Markets

Create social media campaigns that identify and target new markets for your products and services that you may have previously struggled to access.

Highly Targeted Campaigns

Get a much better return on your marketing investment by targeting your spend at exactly at your ideal customers.

Build a Loyal Community

Interact with your customers and community regularly to build stronger brand loyalty and higher spend per transaction.

Access to Data

Analyse your campaigns on a deeper level to understand and optimise sale trends within certain markets, leading to a better optimisation of your spend.

Gain Customer Attention

Appear in front of your customers regularly to build increased brand awareness and familiarity compared to your competitors.

Better Customer Service

Deliver exceptional customer service by interacting with your brand mentions, customers and messages on social media.

Funding Apprenticeship Training


For businesses in Wales, the associated apprenticeship training fees are fully funded by the Welsh Government.  That means training a current team member in these skills is an incredible opportunity that should be taken advantage of.

If you’d like to train a new starter in this apprenticeship, the only associated cost is the salary of your new apprentice.

You can find further information regarding funding and apprenticeship costs on the following pages:

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