Whether your business is in manufacturing, sales or service, good business administration skills and organisation is the backbone of your organisation.

A skilled business administrator keeps the whole machine running effectively. Of course, specific administration roles and responsibilities will differ from company to company, but here are five essential business administration skills to contribute to a successful business.


Administrators are likely to be at the centre of communication between different departments and teams, so it’s vital that business administrators have well honed communication skills.

An administrator who is skilled in communication will be able to choose the most effective format and most appropriate tone — whether it’s a letter to stakeholders, an internal email or a phone call to a supplier.

 Managing data and company information

Every company’s data management needs will look different, but your administrators need to be skilled at collating and managing data and company information. This requires a thorough understanding, not just of how data management works, but also which data is useful to your business and how it can be used.

In the light of GDPR and tougher rules on data, the ability to manage people’s personal data responsibly and legally is paramount.

Planning and organisation

Whether you’re producing a product, managing teams, handling stock, delivering training or anything else, administrative staff who are skilled in planning and organisation are paramount.

Many staff and departments will need admin support, and the ability to plan and organise to deliver it effectively is the key to success.

Project management

Project management skills are highly sought after by businesses of all sizes. The ability to drive a project from an initial idea to fruition requires specific skills and training.

An administrator who is skilled in project management will be able to effectively manage time, staff and resources to achieve the required goals, and maintain strong communication throughout.

Clear understanding of business processes

As well as all of this, business administrators should have a clear understanding of business processes. What is the industry best practice in this situation? What has been proven as an effective method? What will ensure compliance?

It’s vital that they possess a solid understanding of general business processes, as well as those specific to your industry and your organisation.

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