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ILM Level 4 Certificate and Diploma in Leadership and Management

Develop your aspiring middle managers and first line managers with a range of exceptional skills designed to accelerate your business.

Who is the ILM Level 4 Certificate and Diploma in Principles of Leadership and Management For?

As an employer, you may use this apprenticeship course to train a newly promoted manager, or to upskill an existing employee.

These days investing in your leaders has never been more important. Organisations need strong, effective leadership in order to inspire, motivate and manage their teams. This course equips learners with everything they need for effective management.

Learners will study how to lead a team using various strategies and styles, whilst also focusing on their personal and professional development.

This course is ideal for businesses who are looking to ensure that newly-promoted or aspiring leaders will be prepared to deal with the new challenges of their role. 

What Does The Course Cover?

Upon completion of the course, learners will have a good working knowledge on how to:

  • Improve management performance and that of their teams.
  • Plan and lead complex team activities.
  • Manage personal development and goals.
  • Implement change in the workplace effectively.
  • Develop and maintain relationships in the workplace.

Key Information Regarding This Apprenticeship

Course Cost

This course is fully funded by Senedd Cymru for businesses in Wales.

This means employers will not pay a penny towards the associated training fees.


Learners who complete this course will receive:

ILM Level 4 Certificate and Diploma in Principles of Leadership and Management


This course is only available to businesses who are based in Wales.

Learning Units

Understanding the Management Role to Improve Management Performance

Learners will study what makes an effective manager, different leadership styles and their uses and how to improve their personal management skills.

Planning and Leading a Complex Team Activity

As part of their qualification learners will delve into planning techniques for team management, as well as how to inspire and motivate using leadership skills.

Managing Personal and Professional Development

Managers lead from the front, so this course equips them with personal development skills to ensure they can practice continuous improvement.

Managing and Implementing Change in the Workplace

Managing change in the workplace can be one of the most challenging tasks a manger faces, this course gives learners the confidence and skills to manage change effectively with less disruption and opposition.

Understanding and Developing Relationships in the Workplace and with Stakeholders

In any business, communication is key, and this couldn't be more true when it comes to your senior leadership team. Learners will study how to develop relationships for better collaborative goal progression.

Providing Leadership and Management

In this applied project learners will implement their newly acquired leadership and management skills to their own working environment.

Develop and Implement an Operational Plan

Planning skills are fundamental to a management role and during this project learners will study and practice creating and undertaking an effective operational plan tailored to your business.

Optional Routes

This course can be tailored to the unique needs of your business. To complete this qualification learners can study a number of optional routes to enhance their learning experience, including but not limited to:

  • Managing Risk in the Workplace
  • Developing People in the Workplace
  • Managing a Budget
  • Managing Team Performance
  • Designing Business Processes
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    Benefits of This Course For Businesses

    Invest In Your Leaders

    Take advantage of investing in the decision makers and goal setters within your business by equipping them with modern management skills.

    Retain Staff

    Ensuring your managers and leaders have effective communication and motivation skills can increase team happiness, organisation and lower stress.

    Achieve Goals Quicker

    Eliminate delays and errors in your processes and plans to quickly and effectively meet your business targets.

    Smoother Workflows

    Eliminate conflict and enhance collaboration by ensuring your business leaders have professional communication skills.

    Develop Your Innovators

    Giving your leaders personal and professional development skills enables them to innovate and inspire within your business.

    Excel Past Your Competitors

    Most businesses neglect to invest in the development of their leaders, leaving them with poor management skills that slow down their businesses. 

    Funding Apprenticeship Training


    For businesses in Wales, the associated apprenticeship training fees are fully funded by the Welsh Government.  That means training a current team member in these skills is an incredible opportunity that should be taken advantage of.

    If you’d like to train a new starter in this apprenticeship, the only associated cost is the salary of your new apprentice.

    You can find further information regarding funding and apprenticeship costs on the following pages:

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