Staff Training for the Warehousing and Manufacturing Industries

Looking to train your team? NTG is a training provider based in the North West but adept at delivering courses across the country and remotely. 

We offer warehouse operative training and manufacturing training such as lean manufacturing apprenticeships. Speak to us today about a completely bespoke training programme for your staff, tailored to your business goals and objectives.

Increase Productivity

Well trained warehouse and manufacturing staff understand efficiency and accuracy. We take all of our students through effective self-management techniques and equip them with essential skills.

Reduce Costly Errors

Cut down on your wastage and breakage bills. Reduce products manufactured with errors and increase warehouse staff's awareness of health and safety to eliminate unnecessary accidents.

Build Client Satisfaction

Clients will be delighted with quicker turn-around on orders, more accurate order fulfilment and all-round excellent service. Our training courses focus on proficiency and excellence.

Grab a Free Guide to 5S

Learn how a ‘5S’ mentality could improve your business efficiency, productivity and staff safety. Our free guide for warehouses and manufacturers is a great introduction to the principles of 5S, and will help you understand the benefits of staff training. Our Lean Manufacturing course includes 5S staff training as standard.

Better Training. Better Business.

What if we told you there was an underrated business growth booster most managers overlook?

Staff training might not be on your 2021 strategy yet, but it’s about to be.

If you work in, or run, a busy warehouse or manufacturing facility, your need to be thinking about staff training. 

For a smaller investment than you might think, you could instantly improve productivity, efficiency and output.

Staff training will empower your team to make smart decisions and manage their time effectively, in order to stay on schedule and fulfil client orders adeptly. 

Meet your output goals and succeed them. Improve health and safety. 

Whether you’re looking for a short booster course in Health and Safety, Risk Assessment or Manual Handling; or you want to partner with us to deliver tailored, bespoke apprenticeships in Warehouse Operations or Lean Manufacturing. Find out how we can help you today by booking a friendly, no obligation call.

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Staff Training Courses for Warehouses and Manufacturing

Did you know? Apprenticeships can be used to train new staff and existing staff. If you’d like to give your existing team further qualifications and training, an apprenticeship is both thorough and affordable. We offer apprenticeships in warehouse operations, and a lean manufacturing apprenticeship too, that may be useful to your business.

If you’d like to hire new staff and give them a boost, an apprenticeship programme can be designed and tailored to your exact needs within your warehouse or manufacturing facility. We can specifically select modules that qualify staff to use the equipment and machines they’ll most frequently use, and focus on training that delivers the skills to help meet your business goals.

Warehouse Operative Apprenticeship Level 2

Train your staff to:

  • Use safe driving and/or operating techniques as trained, relating to MHE (e.g. counterbalance/ reach trucks, powered pallet trucks, ride on pallet trucks).
  • Move and receive stock to facilitate the safe handling of goods.
  • Operate and handle equipment safely and efficiently.
  • Understand the relevant regulation and legislation governing the supply chain industry.
  • Select, prepare and use packaging materials appropriate to the job.

Lean Manufacturing Apprenticeship Level 2

Train your staff to:

  • Understand how to prepare, control, contribute and complete manufacturing operations.
  • Understand manufacturing processes and standard operating procedures.
  • Adopt safe working policies and the correct and appropriate use of PPE.
  • Utilise the 5Ss to ensure the safe disposal of waste in line with environmental systems and regulatory requirements.
  • Use the correct and most appropriate equipment, tools and machinery.
  • Gain an expertise in continuous improvement practices, including the Kaizen method, lean principles, and problem solving.
  • Understand how to complete thorough quality checks.

Business Administration Apprenticeship Level 3

Train your staff to:

  • Understand an organisation’s purpose, objectives and future vision.
  • Confidently use IT systems and software.
  • Use appropriate channels to communicate effectively.
  • Review processes and apply a solutions-based approach.
  • Produce accurate records and documents and make recommendations for improvements.

Team Leader / Supervisor Apprenticeship Level 3

Train your staff to:

  • How to organise and delegate.
  • The ability to perform management tasks.
  • How to motivate people to improve performance.
  • Plan and manage change, create a culture of innovation.
  • Learn effective communication skills (negotiation, networking, building relationships
  • Use action learning to develop your leadership capabilities.

Browse Our Commercial Training Courses for Warehouses and Manufacturers

Health and Safety

Ensure staff are aware of the impact of health and safety in their day-to-day role within the warehouse or manufacturing environment.

Manual handling

Train staff in the correct procedure for manual handling, an essential skill within the warehousing and manufacturing industries.

Risk Assessment

Risk assessments are a legal requirement in the workplace and this Risk Assessment training will give all learners the understanding on how to complete a risk assessment and the benefits of doing so.


If your workers are dealing with hazardous substances regularly in their role, it's important they're trained in proper COSHH management.

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