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Online Beginner's Social Media Course

Whether you’re a business owner, budding entrepreneur or simply expanding on your digital marketing skills, our online social media course is a comprehensive look into all the individual elements of a successful social media campaign. Equip yourself with skills in digital strategy, branding, ad campaigns and much more.

Who is the Social Media Beginners Online Course For?

Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

If you have a small business and you’re thinking of getting started with social media marketing, this course will ensure you have a thorough knowledge of all the basic skills required to run your first social media campaign.

Digital Marketers

If you’re a traditional marketer, or a digital marketing executive who would like to expand on your skillset, this course will introduce you to the basic theory, concepts and best practices within social media marketing.

Those Looking To Add Skills – Business Administrators, Receptionists, Office Managers…

Social media is a fantastically versatile skill to have within a wide range of careers. Nowadays it’s important that almost any role within a business understands the basics of social media. It’s also a real added-value skill for any CV.

Created by industry experts and hosted by our professional digital marketing tutors, this course is ideal for anyone taking their first steps within social media.

What Does The Course Cover?

Upon completion of the course, learners will have a good working knowledge on how to:

  • Implement and design a social media campaign in order to meet business goals.
  • Create social media content with the help of online and offline design tools.
  • Schedule social media campaigns using campaign planning tools to save time and track social media data.
  • Optimise a social media campaign using data, analytics and targeting to obtain a strong ROI.
  • Create highly-targeted and effective social media campaigns.
  • Create social media ads and promotions in line with business strategy.

Key Information Regarding This Course

Course Cost

The cost of this extensive 2-day course is £1,000 inc. VAT.


This course is delivered in 4 x 1/2 day sessions, over the space of 2 weeks.


This is an online classroom course, delivered digitally through conferencing software. Students will need to have access to a computer.


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Learning Units

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4

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Why Study Social Media?

More than half the world now uses social media

That’s too big a market for a business to ignore. Equip yourself with professional expertise in utilising social media to get your content directly in front of your ideal target market.

On average, people spend 2.5 hours a day on social media

Businesses who advertise on social media are more likely to be seen by potential customers than those who use TV, newspaper or leaflet advertising.

Build a Loyal Community

Interact with your customers and community regularly to build stronger brand loyalty and higher spend per transaction.

Access to Data

Analyse your campaigns on a deeper level to understand and optimise sale trends within certain markets, leading to a better optimisation of your social campaigns.

Gain Customer Attention

Appear in front of your customers regularly to build increased brand awareness and familiarity compared to your competitors.

Be Part of The Digital Society

There’s no denying it any longer – over 90% of <15 year olds are connected online via a smartphone. We’re a digital society, and businesses who don’t embrace it, could face losing out.

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