Registering Your Learners - It's Easy As 1...2...3!

Step 1: Download & Fill In The Spreadsheet Template

Use this simple spreadsheet to tell us three pieces of key information about your learners – their first name, last name and email address.

You don’t need Excel to complete this, you can edit your own copy using Google Drive too, or if you have your own database, just upload that at step 3!

Step 2: Complete The Form & Upload The Spreadsheet

Now you just need to fill out this lightning-quick form!

Step 3: Await Confirmation Within One Working Day

How easy was that? We’ll get straight to work registering your learners, but if you need this doing more urgently, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01244 678100.

As soon as your learners are enrolled, they’ll receive an email to confirm this (check spam folders!).

We’ll also email you to let you know when all of the learner registrations are completed in full.

Thank You For Choosing NTG Training!