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Interactive Fire Safety Training: For The Laundry & Dry Cleaning Industry

£30.00 + VAT

The first and only e-learning fire safety course designed for the unique risks and challenges in Laundry & Dry Cleaning businesses. 

Created with guidance from industry experts at the Textiles Services Association. This course, run by our virtual tutor, Tom, takes learners through a visual representation of a laundry business to identify and understand the unique hazards and risks.

If you would like to purchase this course for more than 1 learner, simply amend the quantity on the cart page. Your bulk-purchase discount will automatically apply.

Looking to Enrol more than one learner? We offer discounts on bulk purchases.

1-10 learners – £30+VAT

11-20 learners – £28+VAT

21-50 learners – £26+VAT

To enrol more than 50 learners, contact us for a bespoke discount.

Please note, once you have purchased this product you will be redirected to our learner registration zone. You can use this page at any time to upload the details of employees you would like to register on the course.

Quick To Complete

Gain qualified staff quickly with interactive activities that help them to retain knowledge, fast.

Study Online

Allow enrolled staff to log in anytime, even at home.

Reduce Costs & Risk

More effective than a text-based course, saving you money on expensive staff safety errors.

What This Course Covers:

On completion, learners will receive a certificate in Fire Safety.

A visually engaging course that grabs learner’s attention

Expert course content, guided by the Textiles Service Association

Why Choose Our Fire Safety E-Learning Course?

E-Learning Costs Less Employee Time

E-learning is proven to require 40-60% less of your employee's time to gain the same knowledge in a traditional course. That means savings in your pocket.

Guided By An Expert Virtual Tutor

Meet Tom, he's programmed with every piece of fire safety knowledge you'll ever need, and he's proven to help learners engage closely with the course content.

E-Learning Increases Knowledge Retention

Every safety mistake costs your business money. On traditional courses, learners typically only remember 8-10% of the course content. E-Learning increases by up to 6 times that.

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