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Thinking of a career in assessing? 

At NTG Training we have been assessing work based learners across the North West for almost 10 years and have successfully delivered over 3000 apprenticeship programmes in a variety of subjects.

We are proud to have an 84% achievement rate which is above the government average of 58%. Now we wish to share the experience of becoming an assessor and help those to kick start their careers in this rewarding vocation.

TAQA – Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement


This qualification is intended for those who assess/or want to assess for both occupational competence in vocational skills and knowledge and understanding within the work environment.

The purpose of TAQA is to train learners to attain competence in the current assessment standards. These are the qualifications that will equip a wide range of assessors, trainers, facilitators and teachers to support learners.

Assessor qualification

How are the qualifications assessed?

Assessment is the process used to judge the learner’s competence against a prescribed set of

standards. To claim units and/or the qualification, the learner will need to complete a Claim to Competence.

This is split into two sections, the evidence matrix and the learner summative assessor statement.

Various types of evidence will be used for the matrix.

• Records of observation

• Professional discussions

• Product evidence

• Testimony from colleagues

• Personal reports

• Records of questioning

The learner will demonstrate that they are:

• Able to plan the assessment of occupational competence.

• Able to make assessment decisions about occupational competence.

• Able to provide required information following the assessment of occupational competence.

• Able to maintain legal and good practice requirements when assessing occupational


Obtaining Learners to Assess

NTG Training will provide the learners that you require to assess to satisfy the qualification


Duration 3-6 Months

• 3 days classroom

• 2 days work based assessment


assessor qualification costs

Payment Options

Initial Payment – £250.00 + VAT

4 x monthly payment – £100.00 + VAT

What do I do next?

If you are interested in the course please contact Lee Morris on 01244 678100 or email:

[email protected]

Qualifications required for this certificate – Maths, English grade C and above. If you do not have these qualifications then we can deliver these functional skills as part of the course.