Revolutionary Staff Fire Safety Training

Revolutionary Staff Fire Safety Training

Built Bespoke for The Unique Needs of The Laundry Industry

Fires are the single biggest risk to the entire laundry industry.  Factory shutdowns, expensive machinery damage, liability claims and lost business – you don’t have to be a statistic.

Welcome to the future of staff training. Here at NTG we’re passionate about learning, so we’ve been pouring our energy and knowledge into a new, ground-breaking e-learning solution for fire safety training.

We are pleased to announce, that after extensive testing and development, we’re ready to launch our new interactive programme. Your business will soon be able to provide an engaging training experience, that’s proven to help learners retain more knowledge.

Ensure your staff are fully engaged with training resources. Scroll down to learn more about our revolutionary new solution. 

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Proven to increase knowledge retention in staff - reducing risks and costs related to accidents, while increasing staff safety.

The first ever, interactive e-learning course in Fire Safety, specifically designed for the laundry industry.

Developed working in collaboration with the Textile Services Association (TSA), the trade association for textile services professionals.

A Fire Safety Course That Covers It All

A Fire Safety Course That Covers It All

On Completion Of This Course, Learners Will Understand:

Fire Safety Course UK

Meet Tom, An Interactive Virtual Tutor

A Friendly, Engaging Host to Your Team's E-Learning Experience

Programmed with the combined knowledge of our most extensive workplace courses, Tom may be in the virtual world, but his expertise in unmatched. Learners will interact with Tom through a series of interactive lessons, challenging activities and live, real-time games that emulate real-life workplace situations.

Tom encourages learners to use their own initiative. Your staff will be guided through the course but encouraged to take in and actively apply the information they are learning.

Tom leads our e-learning courses and utilises games, practice exercises and much more to ensure learners have a thorough understanding of the topic, not just a fact recall ability. 

Learners are taught for the workplace, not just for a test.

The Benefits of Our E-Learning Fire Safety Course

Reduce Workplace Accidents & Increase Staff Safety

In this industry, event small fires can be a big problem. Whether that's through causing a financial burden that eats into your profits, or by putting your workers at risk.

By training your team in fire safety, a small investment per team member can lead to big savings. A small portion of a worker's time spent completing the course can reduce big delays caused by safety issues throughout the year.

When every member of your team is invested in fire safety, the benefits to business are beyond measurable.

Increase Learner Knowledge Retention

You may already put your team through some basic fire safety training, but how much of that knowledge do they actually retain?

Reading pages of legislation, sitting through mind-numbing presentations... that's not how humans learn.

Our course ensures learners are continuously putting their knowledge into action using simulated real-situations they might face in work. It's proven to trigger quicker and more accurate responses to fire hazards, and in turn, it will reduce your rate of accidents and risks.

Ensure Legal Compliance

Impress the inspectors with your worker's thorough knowledge of all things fire-safety

Made for the Laundry Industry

Learners will understand the bespoke situations they might face, such as risks related to lint, machinery and storing linens that are retaining heat.

More Accurate, Skills-Based Testing

With games and timed events to complete, learners pass with knowledge, not recall ability.

What is Gamification in E-Learning?

Gamification is the process of applying elements of game-play to other areas of activity. In E-Learning, it involves using challenges, interactive activities, scoring points and reacting to live, timed events in order to take in knowledge.

When playing a game, our brains are more actively engaged with the situation at hand. We’re often having more fun, and fun means a better level of attention!

Gamification is also proven to have stronger learning outcomes for students with neurodiversity.

Why not take a look at some of the peer-reviewed studies available online that discuss the mass benefits of gamification for workplace training: 

Who is This Fire Safety Course For?

This course was designed specifically for businesses in the laundry industry, that means it’s ideal for commercial laundry operations, dry cleaners, hotel laundry departments, care home workers, the NHS and private medical facilities… pretty much any business that might deal with cleaning, drying, ironing  or processing textiles.

It’s full of essential knowledge that we recommend for any role within the business, it’s ideal for training:

  • Fire Wardens
  • Industrial Operatives
  • Dry Cleaning Operatives
  • Safety Inspectors
  • Quality Control Workers
  • Managers, Supervisors and Team Leaders
  • Hotel Cleaners and Laundry Department Workers
  • Laundry Assistants
  • Housekeepers

In fact we’re confident that the knowledge in this course

will be useful to anyone within your operation.

Fire Safety Qualifications

You can trust that NTG delivers a high level of quality when it comes to training. On completion of this course, learners will be awarded with NTG’s Level 2 Certificate in Fire Safety.

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