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Next Course Date: 7th December 2020

Gain a Qualification in Digital Skills

The future is now. More and more businesses are moving their operations online, whether it’s opening an online store, going paperless in the office or doing their accounting in the cloud!
If you’re currently unemployed, you can give your CV the edge over the competition by completing our free, government-funded course in Digital Skills. 
The course takes just two weeks to complete and will give you a Level-2 qualification. It’s also delivered entirely by webinar by one of our expert tutors, so you can gain a qualification without any risk from the pandemic.
To take part, you need to be unemployed, 19+, have access to a computer or laptop, and have some basic IT skills. Ideally, you’ll need to have Excel installed too, but we can talk you through getting a 30-day free trial!
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Digital Skills Qualification

What Does The Digital Skills Course Cover?

Over two weeks you’ll learn everything you need to know to take your digital skills to the next level. Units on this course include:

Understand operating systems, internet searches, file names and learn how to use online technical forums.

Learn to use online sharing systems, understand the basics of video and sound file editing, learn how to create graphs of data and design online forms.

Understand how to choose the most appropriate method of online communication and understand the associated threats around identity theft and cyber security.

Understand online transactions and how to conduct them safely, learn how to use online banking through a website or app and learn the benefits of digital accounting and online payments for businesses.

Learn the importance of access control, how to set up anti-virus and firewalls and gain an understanding of common online threats. Learn about your digital footprint, how to set up password protection and encryption, understand encryption and security in the cloud. You’ll also learn the basics of netiquette and understand the effects of cyber bullying.

During this unit you’ll gain an overview of collaborative tools, learn how to set up shared access to files and learn more about video conferencing and social media. You’ll also learn how to use IM, email signatures, forums, blog posts and online meetings.

Equip yourself with the knowledge and skills to take part in online learning, online career development courses and webinars. This unit will also introduce you to learning software, professional social media sites, business networking sites and content creation.

How will a digital skills qualification benefit me?

Retail businesses are moving online, serviced based businesses are using online booking systems, business meetings are moving to digital conferencing software and even accountants are moving to online cloud-based software! Are you ready for the digital revolution? Don't be left behind. Equip your CV with tangible proof that you're confident and skilled at IT. Employers are now desperately seeking workers with digital skills. Make yourself stand out when you next apply for a job with this comprehensive qualification.

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Course Requirements

You don’t need to have much under your belt prior to starting this course, we just ask that you:

  • Are aged 19+
  • Have a basic understanding of IT
  • Are unemployed
  • Have access to a computer and Excel (We can set you up with a free trial.)
Digital Skills Qualification

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