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The £50 Corporate Challenge

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The NTG Team is Taking The Challenge - Why Not Join Us?

Challenge 1: 1st July - 31st July
Walking Land's End to John O'Groats

🎵 And we will walk 500 miles and we will walk 103 more… 🎵

The NTG Team is taking to the countryside and conquering this mighty 603 mile walking challenge together. We have just one month to do it, but a little deadline won’t stand in our way.

And as if that wasn’t a challenge enough, we’ll also be completing a daily challenge too, just to make things a little more interesting…

To follow along on our adventure, hit the button below. We’d be grateful for any donation you can kindly give to this wonderful cause. Even the smallest contribution will soothe our aching feet!

Challenge 2: 1st August - 31st August
30 Days of Wellness Challenge

Do you remember, once upon a time, when we were in lockdown?

We were reading, we were walking daily, we started exercising, we learned to bake…  we took that time to really invest in ourselves.

Now, things are a little “back to normal” and although on the whole that’s good – we’ll admit we miss the wellness!

That’s why our team will be running and taking part in a “30 Day Wellness Challenge” in August – 30 days, and 30 wonderful activities designed to help you feel better, become more mindful and learn to reset those stress levels back to zero.

If you’re interested in taking part, tap the button below to learn more.

Land's End to John O'Groats

Distance Covered
Distance Covered

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Team Updates

Our team will be completing the following challenges on their monumental journey, so be sure to check out our Instagram and this page for updates!

The Challenges:

#1 Local Landmark – Show and tell us about a famous local landmark on your walk today.

#2 Pet Powered – Share a bit about your pet and how they’re motivating you through this challenge!

#3 History Buff – Tell us a bit about the history related to where you’re walking today.

#4 Panoramic Views – Let’s see which walker can snap a photo of the most fantastic view.

#5 Budding Photographer – It’s an NTG Photo competition today, who can get the best snap on their walk?

#6 Share Your Secret – Today we want to know the NTG team’s best kept secrets, whether that’s a favourite pub en route, or a lesser known bench with a beautiful view.

#7 Powered By… – The NTG Team will be sharing their secret tips and equipment for getting through this challenge.

#8 “Never Been Here Before” – Leaving the beaten path, we’ve challenged the NTG folk to visit somewhere new today.

#9 A Final Push – As we reach the end of our challenge, we’re asking the team to up the ante and complete their biggest walk.

#10 Very Well Deserved – In the final challenge, we want to see how the NTG champions are rewarding themselves for all those blisters and sore legs.

30 Days of Wellness Challenge

We're currently working out the final finishing touches to this challenge, but don't forget to check back soon for updates!