palmer and harvey

Palmer & Harvey are the UK’s Number one delivered wholesaler who have used NTG for training needs within their business. We are proud to have received the following feedback regarding our service:

What were the original objectives you wanted to achieve by using NTG Training?

We wanted to address 3 main issues.

  • To improve retention rates in key areas.
  • Address a skills gap between our shop floor and our management team.
  • To improve on feedback from our employee survey that showed people were eager for career advancement opportunities.

Since introducing the course, we have had over 60 learners enrol and only lost two before the end of the course. Retention has improved, particularly in one of our key areas.

The team leader and management courses have been made a mandatory requirement for all staff moving into supervisory roles. This has given a framework to the basics of the role while laying the foundation for future progress and advancement through the courses levels.

The next survey results are due shortly and we hope to see improvements in the identified area.

What was it about NTG Training that made you choose us over other training providers?

The variety of courses available and the willingness of NTG to deliver exactly what we asked for.

NTG have developed courses specifically for our transport team and supervisory staff, which we would not be able to get from any other training provider.

They have grown with our training needs; hiring staff specifically to work with the company and helping as part of the management team discussing the courses with our staff and managers.

The assessors are regularly on site and feel like part of the workforce not a third party provider.

What differences has the training made to your business?

It has allowed us to offer all staff nationally recognised qualifications improving their confidence and careers.

The training has ensured we can be sure our staff have fundamental skills in IT, Maths and English as well as a solid understanding of their role and responsibilities.

It has also saved us a lot of money as to offer the same level of training from in house providers would have taken many hours of planning and incurred a great deal of cost in implementation.

Would you be happy to recommend NTG Training to other organisations?


NTG know the training sector back to front. They have a great level of knowledge on funding options and training courses. The technology they use is cutting edge and makes tracking students’ progress simple and efficient.

NTG are incredibly flexible to ensure they deliver exactly what is needed and are confident enough to make suggestions and help develop the training plan.

NTG do all this with a friendly and engaging style with just the right amount of tough love when needed.

If you are thinking about using NTG for your training needs then contact us today on 01244 768100 or email us at [email protected]