Higher Management LEVEL 4 & 5

Higher Apprenticeships in Management 

The Higher Apprenticeship in Management was created to fill a skills gap within the UK management sector. As such those who complete the Apprenticeship programme can expect to progress into roles as managers, senior managers, heads of department, directors and a range of other senior management positions.

Typically upon completion of a Higher Apprenticeship successful candidates can expect suitable employment in the following sectors:

  • Business and administration
  • Customer service
  • Enterprise and business support
  • Human resources and recruitment
  • Industrial relations
  • Leadership and management
  • Marketing and sales

What To Expect

During the Apprenticeship, typical tasks may include the following:

  • Planning
  • Allocating and monitoring the work of the team
  • Giving feedback and briefing teams
  • Supporting team members
  • Managing conflict and resolving problems
  • Procuring supplies
  • Project management
  • Agreeing budgets
  • Managing and improving customer service

Prior Qualifications

To ensure that applicants gain the most from the Higher Apprenticeship in Management experience it is expected that they have some experience working in a junior or middle management role. Line management experience is also an advantage.

Typically employers will seek to attract Apprentices who have a strong interest in a career in management and wish to progress their careers.

Challenges, Rewards, and Further Opportunities

While an Higher Apprenticeship in Management is challenging and may present a learning curve for many, those completing an Apprenticeship can expect to play an integral role within an organisation. The Higher Apprenticeship in Management Level 4 or 5 will develop the ability of participants to execute organisational objectives and priorities across a wide array of operations such as managing team dynamics, delegation and capability building, planning and managing projects and managing budgets. Demand for managers is such in the UK that with additional training, opportunities exist for those with Higher Apprenticeships to progress in their careers to senior management or director level roles.

NTG Training offers the following Higher Apprenticeships in Management:

  • Higher Apprenticeship in Management Level 4
  • Higher Apprenticeship in Management Level 5

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