Care Leadership & Management LEVEL 5

Care Leadership and Management Level 5

This framework is an ideal learn-as-you work programme for those who are interested in potentially working for Health and Social Care Organisations, including Children and Young People’s Services, as well as in Specialist Adult Social Care.

Your interest in undertaking this qualification contributes towards developing a social care sector with a skilled, flexible, and effective workforce whilst maintaining high quality and safe care for those who use these services. This leads to better productivity, retention, and a more qualified workforce which aids employers in their delivery of services.

You will have the opportunity to work as an advanced practitioner with a high level of knowledge of care provision activities or a specific specialism; as a manager of specialist services, or as a business development manager who focuses on starting and growing new businesses, or developing existing ones.

If you choose Level 5, Pathway 1: General Adult Social Care, you will have the opportunity to work as:

  • Adults’ Residential Manager
  • Adults’ (non-residential) Manager
  • Adults’ Advanced Practitioner

If you choose Level 5, Pathway 2: Specialist Adult Social Care, you will have the opportunity to work as:

  • Manager of Specialist Adult Social Care Services
  • Business Development Managers in Adult Social Care
  • Further opportunities include working as care brokers, care managers, unit managers, line managers, and residential wardens.

What To Expect

You should demonstrate the ability to work in small, informal teams, be a good listener, have good decision-making skills, show the ability to lead formal teams, set and enforce procedures, and act as a guide or mentor to staff.

Some of the typical tasks apprentices should be willing to undertake include providing assistance with dressing, feeding, washing, personal hygiene matters, providing advice, giving encouragement, as well as providing emotional and psychological support.

Prior Qualifications

There are no formal entry conditions for this framework. If you are interested in this apprenticeship, however, you must work in appropriate job roles which will allow you to gather the evidence necessary for the qualifications and components which form a part of the framework.

As a guide, you may enter via a range of routes, including from Advanced and—less typically—Intermediate-level Apprenticeships, via other qualifications (e.g., management or nursing) work, unemployment, with previous related experience, Health and Social Care NVQ-only competence qualification, knowledge qualifications relevant to health and social care, non-social care leadership and management roles, social work qualifications, as well as nursing qualifications.

Challenges, Rewards, and Further Opportunities

If you are interested in undertaking this qualification, you should demonstrate a suitable level of physical fitness, as it may be necessary to perform some aspects of the job roles. Other challenges that you may face in these particular roles include having to work both long shifts and irregular shift patterns.

Completing this apprenticeship will allow you to gain high level skills, improve your technical knowledge, gain practical experience, further refine your personal skills, and increase your access to Further Education and Higher Education, as well as positively impacting your immediate occupation and future career.

You will have the opportunity progress to other job roles such as Care Managers, Officers in charge/registered managers, Day Services Manager, and to other roles within the health sector.

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