An Apprentice’s view

At NTG Training we see lots of apprentices who go on to thrive within a business environment, really benefit from the employment experience and the accredited qualification that they receive whilst on the programme. Below is a testimonial from Mark, one of our business administration apprentices.

Whilst completing my BTEC Level 3 in Business Administration through NTG Training, my assessor was very approachable and she allocated specific units to be completed ahead of future meetings at the company I was working at. If I was unsure on specific questions or topics I would have a go at answering them myself with the assistance of course materials provided and the internet before emailing my assessor for her approval. I would receive her responses and suggestions by email almost immediately or the next working day. If I found that I was unable to complete tasks ahead of future meetings I would inform my assessor before-hand and we would work out Action Plans at our meetings to ensure completion of tasks on time. With having a minor disability I considered my assessor to be very patient and understanding whilst communicating with her and if I was unsure what was said it would be simplified in plain English.

As an Administrator working for an employer, whilst completing the BTEC Level 3 in Business Administration it has given me more confidence in my approach in completing tasks even more productively and efficiently as well as supporting clients and colleagues with their enquires myself and providing them with resolutions without asking for assistance from my Line Manager unless absolutely necessary.

In my personal life, completing the BTEC Level 3 in Business Administration has helped me, as I am able to provide relevant information to members of the public when asked questions whilst been out in the community going about my day to day business. Also I am able to complete any personal issues more productively, for example responding to any external mail and personal circumstances either by speaking to representatives on the phone or responding to emails in one attempt and not several attempts as they were prior to completing the course.

I hope to progress to the next level in the future as completing the BTEC Level 3  in Business Administration has given me more confidence and achievements both in employment and my personal life.

I would recommend NTG Training to external companies and encourage future candidates to complete and achieve their chosen courses and carriers through NTG Training as I can ensure candidates that they will finally get to their potential goals in life.